Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Kerry Katona tells us about what happened after she won 'I'm a Celebrity'...7 years later!

With 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' on our screens once again, after 7 years since Kerry Katona won the crown, she has decided it is time for everybody to know what happened straight after she left the jungle...

She had a bath...OH WOW THANKS FOR TELLING US!!!

She explained to 'NOW ' magazine that having a wash as soon as you leave camp is crucial. Well that isn't completely necessary. You just need to stop rolling around in you own dirt after you use the dunny.

She told the magazine 'I remember getting in the bath and Brian had to wash me and the bath water was filthy.' Ok 1, have a shower instead then; and 2, why was Brian washing you? Were you four at the time? Are you that lazy? Or could you not be trusted with the Talcum Powder after your bath and needed to be supervised?

Source Kerry Katona

After her bath, she understandably was craving some decent food. 'Then I had a McDonald's,' she admits, 'and when I got in a car I was like, what is this weird machine I'm in?!' YOU WERE IN THE JUNGLE FOR 2 WEEKS!!! Its not like she has been living with an Amazon tribe all her life, so I'm afraid Kerry, that comment makes you an idiot!

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