Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Simon Cowell - Lady Gaga is boring

Now the US X Factor has begun, its only right that Mr Cowell starts saying stupid stuff in order to promote the show.

This week he has stated that singers including Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Katy Perry are all boring! He was also kind enough to label Gaga as the 'most boring singer in the world' I guess she will be joining the list of boring singers. This list so far are as followed:
  • Matt Cardle
  • Leon Jackson
  • Shayne Ward
  • Steve Brookstein

    Obviously Simon Cowell knows what he is on about. I mean of course its boring to turn up to award shows wearing nothing but meat! Or to turn up as your alter ego! This happens all the time, do something original for once Gaga for God sake!!!

    However, being boring has helped her out! She is the most followed person on Twitter! She is also the first artist in history to have four #1 hits from a debut album!

    Maybe Simon needs to think about how good he actually is at judging talent. Glee star Amber Riley was rejected by Mr Cowell and co when she auditioned for American Idol when she was 18. '...They told me no, my world crumbled. I was thinking these people are in the industry and they are telling me no. I'm not good enough to do this.' Isn't it amazing that they missed her talent and she is now in a world famous TV show!

    Anyways their first episode was a huge success, and I'm sure the first series will be a hit so Simon will remain smug.

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    Monday, 26 September 2011

    Skins is to blame!!!!

    Have you guys ever heard of Peaches Geldof? She turns up in newspapers sometimes. Sometimes drunk, sometimes partying too hard, or just saying stupid stuff. She is also the daughter of a singer who really dislikes the start of the week for some reason.

    In an interview with the Sun, she told the newspaper that the E4 show 'Skins' is the reason why teenagers have been given such a bad name. 'Skins is too much. It's real in some ways. But for every handful of teenagers who are wayward and going through things that are portrayed in Skins, there are many teenagers who aren't...it's not just this crazy, drug-fuelled orgy-filled thing... It gives a bad name to modern adolescence.'

    Has Peaches been living in a bubble! I don't think Skins are to blame for teenagers being given a bad name. How about the riots which happened last month! I'm sure the character Tony Stonem was the reason why the teenagers in gangs decided to loot, vandalised and set fire to shops!

    Hang on! Wasn't Peaches the muse behind the creation of Skins? What does she do other than appear in newspapers being drunk and disorderly.

    Peaches has also given her opinion on reality TV shows, describing them as prostitution. Is that why she was on Fearne and Peaches Geldof? Or why she had her own advice show called OMG! With Peaches Geldof? Maybe Peaches needs to be the new Graeme Proctor from 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' she seems to have an opinion on everything.

    What I want to know if why Peaches can't be one of those children who just lives off her fathers money. That way we don't have to listen to her like she is Moses. Read a newspaper before you speak please!

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    Thursday, 22 September 2011

    Robbie Williams turns over a new leaf!

    Hey guys. It's been awhile. Sorry for my lack of posting, but my lack of posting got me a new job so it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

    So what have I missed? X Factor is as popular as ever, and now the auditions are over its now time for boot camp. But in present time, the wannabes have already been chosen and have been to the judges house; and, from what I have read, Gary's house was very interesting when the hopefuls were introduced to his guest judge Robbie Williams.

    Source Sinita

    If you remember in 2009 at Simon Cowells house. His guest judge Sinita welcomed the singers covered in leaves. By covered in leaves I don't mean she had a bath in glue and rolled around in Simon's back garden. I mean she was covered in palm leaves which were strategically arranged to shield her private area.

    Inspired by her choice in outfit, Robbie, who is a huge fan of X Factor greeted his guests in nothing but a palm leaf. Now this would be amazing if he introduced himself to girls who were huge fans of Robbie Williams. But Gary was given the boys category so I'm sure it wouldn't of had the same effect. Although I could be wrong...

    Anyways Robbie helped whittle eight down to four... I guess it was cold when he introduced himself...

    Tuesday, 13 September 2011

    Tory Party to increase binge drinking and alcoholism with new idea!

    Now increasing members is important in any club or party. But with the country being critised for binge drinking; offering alcohol for memberships is not the best direction to take. So its lucky that we are used to the Tory party throwing common sense out of the window as they have come up with a brilliant idea to offer potential members, to make them join their party.

    For a £5 membership fee, you can recieve £40 discount on 12 bottles of wine costing £60. This seems to be a bit excessive. Maybe it is because their membership numbers have sunked to below 270,000 members, (Could be because they are crap)

    Hold on! Who is paying for this?! This better not be coming out of our taxes! Definately better not be claimed back through expences!!! Maybe they each put in a sum of money into a kitty... HAHA yeah my arse!!

    I think they were drunk when they thought of this. I can imagine them in the board room. George saying to David, 'I tell you what David, we are a nation of binge drinkers and alcoholics. Why don't we use this to manipulate the weak minded into voting?' 'George that is a brilliant idea! This may be the alcohol talking but I have always respected you, you're such a beautiful person... I love you man...' Ok so the last bit was made up, but we don't know what is going on behind those doors. They could be dancing to 'It's Chico time' whilst downing jelly shots for all we know!

    This is such a stupid idea. Increasing membership is just like joining the gym! You sign up, go for a couple of sessions, then regret the decision a drink your sorrow away!

    Now i'm sorry guys, I think I am actually going to have to sign up, and I think everyone else should to! I mean for £5 you get £40 discount. Think about it, just because you sign up doesn't mean you have to vote for them, use them then dump them, its their own fault!

    Sunday, 11 September 2011

    Gary Barlow to show the judges past and present how its done!

    Head X Factor judge Gary Barlow (Yeah that's right Louis! Head judge!) has vowed to show the past judges, and Louis how to really mentor their acts.

    Last year the judges were criticised for concentrating more on themselves rather than the acts, working hard to win the competition. Last year Cheryl Cole's acts complained to Simon about her mentoring skills. From what I saw of last year, Cheryl was more interested in becoming an average solo singer rather than actually doing her job, helping the contestants win the competition.

    It was also common knowledge that Simon was keeping one eye on One Direction while the other eye was concentrating on the up coming US X Factor, what about the others?

    Anyway Gary has nothing to distract him as Take That has taken a break for awhile so all his attention can be on his acts. Robbie Williams, Gary's guest judge told The Mirror 'Gary is going to be full-on as a mentor. He's going to be closer than anyone has been in the past...' Even closer than Wagner was to all the female contestants last year! '...Previously the judges maybe gave them half an hour if they were lucky.' Gary agrees by adding '...with time put into these kids, we are going to see a better quality of act because of it.'

    Gary apparently didn't have a choice in choosing his guest judge as Robbie wouldn't let him leave without choosing him. He even offered his LA home for the auditions. Apparently Robbie loves reality TV. Gary told The Sun 'He watches all reality TV, including all the crap telly like Jersey Shore...' I like this man even more when I read this comment!

    My main question about this is... Why hasn't Robbie Williams turned out like Ozzy Osbourne? I read this article where he talks about his 'colossal' drug taking and nights where he didn't care if he lived or died. He described how he took prescription drugs and labelled it as 'The American Addiction'! What MacDonalds?! Are all the drugs put into a happy meal! He continued by saying 'I would do 20 Vicodin in a night. It was a painkiller. Then I'd take Adderall, which was like speed for people with ADHD. I'd be doing colossal, heart-stopping amounts of that. You can buy Sativa, which is basically LSD for five minutes.' Alright Robbie don't give people tips!!!

    Apparently it's all good though, he is off the drugs, so now we just have to worry about the other guest judges! Now my thought is that Kelly will ask her ex band mate Michelle Williams, which will be quite ironic as she has the same amount of vocal talent as an 90 year old chain smoker. Its the other two judges that I am more interested in. Surely I am not the only one to think that it would be pure entertainment to see Jedward guest judge with Louis in Ireland! Their feedback would be great! 'Listen okay, this, okay is our opinion okay. You need to okay, like sing using your mouth okay, and dance using your...umm...feet and legs okay' Tulisa has got to have either Fazer or Dappy right? Imagine them giving feedback. 'Ear me now! You bruv are dope up in this joint for shizzle innit!'

    Whatever happens, its good to know the final four boys and the show are in good hands. Gary has been sending texts to Simon just to compare the ratings from last year, each time this year has been successful. I think the texts go something like 'Ha! Suck it bitch! I guess all those buttons you opened up on your shirts made no difference what so ever. Put your chest hair away!!!'

    Thursday, 8 September 2011

    Jim Carrey Caught Painting Graffiti On His House!

    Recently divorced comedy genius Jim Carrey has been either suffering from a mid-life crisis, or has been making the most of single life.

    This Monday he was caught spray painting his New York apartment in bright colours, including the initials 'FFC' (If anyone knows why please leave a comment below). I'm worried this will make people question his sanity, because, if you think about it, if it was a Banksy, it would be considered art. Just because Jim didn't do it at night doesn't make it any less special. If they are going to question his sanity, maybe they should concentrate their attention on the meat wearing, ball bag carrying, psycho genius whos second name states that she is going mental...Gaga for you guys who are lost.

    Last month he created a video dedicated to Emma Stone (Superbad, Easy A, Zombieland) expressing his love for the actress. Again people thought he was mad, but who doesn't fancy Emma Stone? Jim just has the plums to do something about it. Would of been a problem if he broke the ice by asking if she wanted to hear the most annoying noise in the world!

    Ok so you don't often see houses or apartments covered in graffiti unless you live in an area where you need a tattoo to represent your gang, but if you look at the history of the actor's films, at least 95% of them involves him being nuts, Dumb and Dumber, Cable Guy, The Mask. So in real life we are bound to see the nutty, entertaining side come out for some fresh air. As long as he doesn't become Hank Evans!

    Anyway who cares if he is a bit nutty. All artist who were considered to be genius' have a wierd side to them. Michael Jackson had a theme park in his back garden and often had sleepovers with little children. THOUGH NOTHING HAPPENED!! Charlie Sheen (if you would consider him a genius) has become a Ninja Warrior Assassin! And Britney Spears shaved her head and tried to seduce her security guard, whilst being very smelly!

    Now just look at his face! He isn't going crazy! That is the expression he uses in his films when his comedy character is serious, e.g. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events... Am I sounding a bit obsessed with Jim?

    Whether he is going mad or not, I cannot wait to see what he is going to do next! And guys don't judge him too much. Just because he rocks doesn't mean he's made of stone!

    Tuesday, 6 September 2011

    Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes seen holding hands and kissing at Disneyland!

    You guys are never going to believe what I read on the USmagazine website. Actors and couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were seen at Disneyland TOGETHER! Holding hands, and, wait for it... KISSING! I mean OMG! WTF is going on here!

    I forgot we were living in Victorian times where a man and a woman cannot be left alone together until they are engaged... I must of been dreaming all this time... Do Ipods exist or am I going going crazy? Ok if we are living in 2011 then they must of built a Disneyland in Dubai because those Islams don't like showing affection in public. No! It was in LA? Then what the hell is the problem?! Were they riding eachother, no! Ok i'm lost then as to why this is such a big deal?

    Onlookers said that they went on all the rides, and Ryan was fed cotton candy and corn on the cob...messy!

    Hang on, all this talk about them being affectionate, and no one has noticed that they were being stalked. Maybe Disneyland should sort out the perverts first!

    Monday, 5 September 2011

    Red or Black? Black and Blue?! Or Black and White stripes?!

    This week, Red or Black has become the main talking point with people tuning in to watch people who have had their benefits cancelled, try using their braincells (which they could use to get themselves a job) to choose Red or Black in order to progress to winning a million pounds.

    What is great, is this creation, created by Simon Cowell, has already cause controvercy after news that the first winner Nathan Hagerman, has spent two and a half years in prison, convicted of Bulgary and Assault.

    'It's no excuse and I take full responsibility for what happened' Well I should think so as it was you who did it! Both Simon and ITV have defended their decision to have Nathan on the show, even if he did take £1,000,000 from them! Simon is confident that Nathan winning is a good thing. 'I think the money will make a big difference to Nathan and his family' Yeah it will help his partner when it comes to raising the bail money for next time!

    In all honesty I don't see what the big deal is other then the fact that his crime was violent. I don't know what Simon can do about it. If you open reality TV shows to people, you are at risk of having people who have been in prison! If they let organisations like Ofcom control who goes on these shows, then X Factor would just have Lee Ryan queing over and over again, hoping for yet another comeback, and maybe his website might be started up again!

    Maybe Simon should create a show where only people from bad backgrounds can audition. That way we can stop having those boring and cringe-worthy sob stories on the X Factor and Britain Got Talent.

    My message to ITV! If you want to stop letting these people on our TV screens, then maybe you should join forces with the British National Party (BNP) They have a similar goal!

    Friday, 2 September 2011

    Where is Robin Hood when you need him?!

    Have you ever read anything that makes you uncontrollably laugh out loud. I tend to have these moments at least once a year, and yesterday during my lunch break at work, a laugh came out which drew unwanted attention to me.

    The headline read 'The rich get richer and the poor get poorer' it was either in The Sun or The Mirror and at first I thought it was going to be the same boring article about how taxes are rising but the rich don't seem to be affected! Although its a piss take that we pay more, I've read that kind of story dozens of times!

    This article was different though. It started off like the normal kind of article, but then the funny part emerged. I was told that banks would be contacting myself and every other customer in the UK to advise us on how to manage our money!

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but I wasn't the one who lost our money in the first place! Maybe we should transfer their calls back to the same bank so they can learn from their mistakes! Apparently some of their advice is for customers to cut down on their phone bills, to cancel Sky, and to downgrade on their holiday. These people are probably talking to us by a pool in Dubai, sipping on a cocktail which is probably paid for with our money! When I see a picture of them at Pontin's, I will consider listening to them!

    I'm sorry I might as well take advice about money from Kerry Katona. If they rang me and said 'The best advice we can give to you is to take all you money out in cash and store it in a safe' then I would listen as then I wouldn't have a potential character from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) looking after my pounds...Yeah I used to have more, but the bank gave it to people who didn't have a hope in hell in paying it back!!!

    Them giving us advice is cheekier than Katie Price telling teenage girls that going under the knife is not the answer! If their advice is so good and fool proof, why don't they give us back the money we have paid in taxes and they can sort out the debt themselves! Maybe don't give the 'merchant bankers' who screwed up our economy a bonus and instead put that money into the billions and billions of pounds we owe!

    I have come to accept that I have to pay so much in tax. (doesn't mean I am happy about it but unless Steven Hawkins invents a time machine, there is not a lot we can do about it) But I think that if we are to pay it back, at least make it fun for us. An example, create a banker's fun fair! I would like to see the people who have put us in this mess put in the stocks, and we pay money to throw our taxes at them! Now the dedicated people would change their money up into pennies so they could get the most satisfaction out of it! (However in no way do I condone violence)

    To be honest, why should we just concentrate on bankers, how about making politicians pay back their stupid claims... I could go on but my tea is ready. I have two slices of toast and a cup of water from the jug i put out in my back garden to fill me up. Cheers you Bankers!!!
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