Thursday, 8 September 2011

Jim Carrey Caught Painting Graffiti On His House!

Recently divorced comedy genius Jim Carrey has been either suffering from a mid-life crisis, or has been making the most of single life.

This Monday he was caught spray painting his New York apartment in bright colours, including the initials 'FFC' (If anyone knows why please leave a comment below). I'm worried this will make people question his sanity, because, if you think about it, if it was a Banksy, it would be considered art. Just because Jim didn't do it at night doesn't make it any less special. If they are going to question his sanity, maybe they should concentrate their attention on the meat wearing, ball bag carrying, psycho genius whos second name states that she is going mental...Gaga for you guys who are lost.

Last month he created a video dedicated to Emma Stone (Superbad, Easy A, Zombieland) expressing his love for the actress. Again people thought he was mad, but who doesn't fancy Emma Stone? Jim just has the plums to do something about it. Would of been a problem if he broke the ice by asking if she wanted to hear the most annoying noise in the world!

Ok so you don't often see houses or apartments covered in graffiti unless you live in an area where you need a tattoo to represent your gang, but if you look at the history of the actor's films, at least 95% of them involves him being nuts, Dumb and Dumber, Cable Guy, The Mask. So in real life we are bound to see the nutty, entertaining side come out for some fresh air. As long as he doesn't become Hank Evans!

Anyway who cares if he is a bit nutty. All artist who were considered to be genius' have a wierd side to them. Michael Jackson had a theme park in his back garden and often had sleepovers with little children. THOUGH NOTHING HAPPENED!! Charlie Sheen (if you would consider him a genius) has become a Ninja Warrior Assassin! And Britney Spears shaved her head and tried to seduce her security guard, whilst being very smelly!

Now just look at his face! He isn't going crazy! That is the expression he uses in his films when his comedy character is serious, e.g. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events... Am I sounding a bit obsessed with Jim?

Whether he is going mad or not, I cannot wait to see what he is going to do next! And guys don't judge him too much. Just because he rocks doesn't mean he's made of stone!

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