Sunday, 11 September 2011

Gary Barlow to show the judges past and present how its done!

Head X Factor judge Gary Barlow (Yeah that's right Louis! Head judge!) has vowed to show the past judges, and Louis how to really mentor their acts.

Last year the judges were criticised for concentrating more on themselves rather than the acts, working hard to win the competition. Last year Cheryl Cole's acts complained to Simon about her mentoring skills. From what I saw of last year, Cheryl was more interested in becoming an average solo singer rather than actually doing her job, helping the contestants win the competition.

It was also common knowledge that Simon was keeping one eye on One Direction while the other eye was concentrating on the up coming US X Factor, what about the others?

Anyway Gary has nothing to distract him as Take That has taken a break for awhile so all his attention can be on his acts. Robbie Williams, Gary's guest judge told The Mirror 'Gary is going to be full-on as a mentor. He's going to be closer than anyone has been in the past...' Even closer than Wagner was to all the female contestants last year! '...Previously the judges maybe gave them half an hour if they were lucky.' Gary agrees by adding '...with time put into these kids, we are going to see a better quality of act because of it.'

Gary apparently didn't have a choice in choosing his guest judge as Robbie wouldn't let him leave without choosing him. He even offered his LA home for the auditions. Apparently Robbie loves reality TV. Gary told The Sun 'He watches all reality TV, including all the crap telly like Jersey Shore...' I like this man even more when I read this comment!

My main question about this is... Why hasn't Robbie Williams turned out like Ozzy Osbourne? I read this article where he talks about his 'colossal' drug taking and nights where he didn't care if he lived or died. He described how he took prescription drugs and labelled it as 'The American Addiction'! What MacDonalds?! Are all the drugs put into a happy meal! He continued by saying 'I would do 20 Vicodin in a night. It was a painkiller. Then I'd take Adderall, which was like speed for people with ADHD. I'd be doing colossal, heart-stopping amounts of that. You can buy Sativa, which is basically LSD for five minutes.' Alright Robbie don't give people tips!!!

Apparently it's all good though, he is off the drugs, so now we just have to worry about the other guest judges! Now my thought is that Kelly will ask her ex band mate Michelle Williams, which will be quite ironic as she has the same amount of vocal talent as an 90 year old chain smoker. Its the other two judges that I am more interested in. Surely I am not the only one to think that it would be pure entertainment to see Jedward guest judge with Louis in Ireland! Their feedback would be great! 'Listen okay, this, okay is our opinion okay. You need to okay, like sing using your mouth okay, and dance using your...umm...feet and legs okay' Tulisa has got to have either Fazer or Dappy right? Imagine them giving feedback. 'Ear me now! You bruv are dope up in this joint for shizzle innit!'

Whatever happens, its good to know the final four boys and the show are in good hands. Gary has been sending texts to Simon just to compare the ratings from last year, each time this year has been successful. I think the texts go something like 'Ha! Suck it bitch! I guess all those buttons you opened up on your shirts made no difference what so ever. Put your chest hair away!!!'

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