Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tory Party to increase binge drinking and alcoholism with new idea!

Now increasing members is important in any club or party. But with the country being critised for binge drinking; offering alcohol for memberships is not the best direction to take. So its lucky that we are used to the Tory party throwing common sense out of the window as they have come up with a brilliant idea to offer potential members, to make them join their party.

For a £5 membership fee, you can recieve £40 discount on 12 bottles of wine costing £60. This seems to be a bit excessive. Maybe it is because their membership numbers have sunked to below 270,000 members, (Could be because they are crap)

Hold on! Who is paying for this?! This better not be coming out of our taxes! Definately better not be claimed back through expences!!! Maybe they each put in a sum of money into a kitty... HAHA yeah my arse!!

I think they were drunk when they thought of this. I can imagine them in the board room. George saying to David, 'I tell you what David, we are a nation of binge drinkers and alcoholics. Why don't we use this to manipulate the weak minded into voting?' 'George that is a brilliant idea! This may be the alcohol talking but I have always respected you, you're such a beautiful person... I love you man...' Ok so the last bit was made up, but we don't know what is going on behind those doors. They could be dancing to 'It's Chico time' whilst downing jelly shots for all we know!

This is such a stupid idea. Increasing membership is just like joining the gym! You sign up, go for a couple of sessions, then regret the decision a drink your sorrow away!

Now i'm sorry guys, I think I am actually going to have to sign up, and I think everyone else should to! I mean for £5 you get £40 discount. Think about it, just because you sign up doesn't mean you have to vote for them, use them then dump them, its their own fault!

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