Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jedwards attempt to perform with tigers denied!

Source Jedward

I read in Thursdays Mirror that Jedward was denied the opportunity to perform with tigers while representing Ireland in the Eurovision song contest.

According to a carer of the twins 'The boys thought bringing on Tigers was a full-proof plan. They know that the other countries don't think Britain or Ireland take the competition seriously. This was the ideal was of showing that they'd put a lot of thought into the gig.'

I know why they can't have the tigers. You see so many charity adverts on TV about animals who are being treated unfairly, been forced to dance and are kept in horrible conditions. Well i think the WWF would go mental if they saw the cats being tortured having to witness two morons dancing around like idiots.

I personally think its a great idea and that they should be allowed to have them on. By why stop at just letting them have tigers. Why not lions and gorillas, poisonous snakes, hyenas, and don't worry about feeding them and putting chains on them, let them roam around the stage. If they did that, then this could be the last time we see Jedward perform!

Source Tiger

I do feel that Ireland are talking rubbish when they say that they are taking the competition seriously. By choosing the twins who cannot sing and can't really dance, i actually think that they will appear to be taking the piss. Even though they came 6th in the X-Factor finals, it only happened because as a nation, we love underdogs. The only country they have a chance of beating is Great Britain, it just depends who is hated more.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Its Political Correctness gone mad!

Now I know that this person is not a celebrity...yet, but i got so annoyed when I read this I couldn't help but rant about it.

Pub singer Simon Ledger was arrested whilst doing a performance at the Driftwood beach bar in Sandown, Isle of Wight for singing 'Kung Fu Fighting' whilst a Chinese couple walked past. Simon regulary features the song during his act but on this occasion a Chinese couple walking past found the song 'racist' and contacted the police who later arrested him. Now Simon fears he could face a criminal record for singing a song that was number one in 1974. So does that mean the music industry was being racist at that point? Or was it that political correctness was not as important back then?

“We were performing Kung Fu Fighting, as we do during all our sets," Ledger told the Daily Mail.
“People of all races were loving it. Chinese people have never been offended by it before. But this lad walking past with his mum started swearing at us and making obscene hand gestures before taking a picture on his mobile phone.We hadn’t even seen them when we started the song. He must have phoned the police.”

Hampshire police confirmed that Simon had been arrested for racial harrassment but he has not been charged because there was not enough evidence. They have also said that anyone who feels that they are a victim of racial abuse has every right to report it, and they will treat it seriously and help protect the integrity of the victims.

Now I haven't seen the video that the lad took but unless Simon was pointing at him, making fun of him, its clear that it was not sung for anyone specific. Also if he was going to be arrested then shouldn't John Lennon of been as well when he sung 'Ebony and Ivory', there was no mention of Chinese people living in perfect harmony with the other two. Or even Carl Douglas who originally released the song!

Political correctness has gone mad and it has made common sense a thing of the past. I read a story about a woman who had her car vandalised and called the police for assistance, only to be told that an officer would not be sent out as it is a minor incident. When she wrote a letter to complain about the treatment she recieved. The local Chief of Police sent a letter to her stating. 'Whilst I have every sympathy with you being a victim of a crime...Many of those who have committed the crime are victims themselves. To my knowledge, some of our prolific offenders are heroine addicts who live in our worst house area.' How is that the lady's fault that they are addicts, she obeys the rules and pays for everything she has, so that is no excuse.

If political correctness continues down this road, then we will have to help burgulars take our TVs to their car just incase they trip over a rug and sue us for any injuries which are caused.

Good luck to Simon Ledge. Hopefully he won't recieve a criminal record and can continue to entertain the public for years to come.

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lily has made a Royal idiot out of herself!

Source Lily Allen

Well it looks like Lily Allen has kind of started to try and dig herself out of the hole she dug with her outburst about not being invited to the Royal wedding on Friday.

Lily wrote on her Twitter page 'Why does bloody Joss Stone get an invite and not moi? I sang at the Diana concert too!' referring to the Diana concert which the prince's organised, asking both Joss and Lily to perform at the event. This comment created a lot of attention for the singer, including a post from yours truely 'Lily Allen 'Outraged' by royal wedding snub' and i think she has realised, or has been told that this could be bad for Lily if the Royals become upset by the comments. She decided to backtrack on her comment Tweeting 'It was pretty obvious that I was being sarcastic about not being invited to the royal wedding, right?' Wrong!

Its quite funny how she has suddenly turned it around as just being a joke. Its like Tony Blair saying 'I was only joking when I said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq' or Nick Clegg saying 'I was only kidding when I said we would abolish tuition fees'.

In Lily's defence its a bit wierd that Joss Stone has been invited to the wedding as she has pretty much dropped off the radar for the past few years although a greatest hits album is said to be coming out soon, although I thought she only had like two hits. Going to be a short CD.

I hope Lily has learnt her lesson on thinking before she Tweets. Looking at her Twitter page, she seems to be very confrontational.

But it is ok because I think she is starting to control this royal cock-up... Her tweet yesturday sums it up perfectly. 'Oh my god, if I get one more tweet about not being invited to the royal wedding. IT WAS A JOKE you humourless fools, now run along.'

Source Lily Allen

Glad she has kissed and made up with everyone.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lily Allen 'Outraged' by royal wedding snub

Source Lily Allen
Singer Lily Allen has express her disappointment on Twitter after Joss Stone was invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding and not her. Both Joss and Lily were asked by Prince William and Harry to perform at the 'Concert for Diana' in memory of their mother in 2007, but only Joss was invited to the wedding.

'Well, you can quote me as 'outraged'. Why does bloody Joss Stone get an invite and not moi? I sang at the Diana concert too!' said the Smile singer.

Joss will be joining other celebrities such as Victoria and David Beckham, Guy Ritchie and Rowan Atkinson. Lily went on to joke that Joss stone will pull a 'Whitney Huston' and vomit everywhere after too much alcohol.

I can understand Lily's annoyance at not being invited. Part of me doesn't believe that they should invite everyone to the big day. A wedding should be for family and close friends, not for anyone who they might have met a couple of times just because they are high profile people. However, the other part of me thinks it is a brilliant idea for a big wedding as it will bring the country together during this tough time. I can also understand how difficult it is for the couple to put and list together, if you invite one person you feel like you have to another person so they don't feel left out. Its a right pain in the backside.

Lily needs to concentrate on her own wedding to builder Sam Cooper. She appears to be having problems with her own invitation, more specifically with Mark Ronson. The Daily Mail reported the Mark, who produced many of her early songs, did not recieve an invited to her big day. He Tweeted 'I don't think i have been invited to Lily's. Are the invitations out yet?' Lily Tweeted back 'You did get my invitation right? In the Daily Fail it says i've snubbed you from my wedding list.'

Whatever is going on Lily needs to get over the fact that she won't be at Westminster Abbey on the 29th of April. I haven't been invited but i am still going to be watching it. Maybe she could watch it with Paris Hilton, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as they have also been snubbed by the royals, or they could be rebelious and tune into the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! The choice is theirs.

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Monday, 25 April 2011

Lee Ryan's fan club gives up!

Source Lee Ryan

The high-pitched annoyance who was part of the boy band 'Blue' Lee Ryan has had his self-esteem shot to hell, as the makers of his fan site has shut it down because 'We are no longer Lee Ryan's fans'.

When fans of Lee Ryan try and look at the site, they are greeted to a statement by the owners explaining why they have decided to close. 'We are extremely sorry to announce that we are forced to close are no longer Lee Ryan fans which is why running this website became pointless for us...We do not have time anymore to continue operating this fansite and searching for news and photo related to Lee Ryan' Those reasons I can understand this is because since the band split in 2004, Lee has not done much other than attempting to land a solo career between 2005 and 2006. Also during 2005 he was signed by Dolce and Gabbana to be the UK face of their new line of clothing. So because the site was created in 2005. For five years the owners have not had much to write for 5 years.

It seems to be bad timing for the singer as him and his fellow band mates have been given a lifeline to represent the UK in the Eurovision song contest with their single 'I Can' battling for the title against acts such as Jedward. Unfortunately for them, no matter how good the song is, they are unlikely to be crowned the champions of Europe due to the political impact on the show. Thankfully though, and I say thankfully sarcastically, Ducan James insists that the results of their Eurovision bid won't affect their comeback. "Should the worst happen, we're still going to press ahead with the album. It won't be the last of us - we're all fully committed to this band again."...Yay!

Source Blue

I wish the band luck, but I do believe that they need to make some realistic goals. For me, seeing them beat Jedward would be enough for me. It would be a more entertaining competition if the twins were pelted with potatoes during the performance. Though am I in no way condoning violence.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Kate Middleton goes shopping!

Future Queen of England Kate Middleton was spotted shopping for underwear at a lingerie store named Goldenpoint in London's King's Road last Tuesday "I certainly didn't expect her to be browsing at the bottom end of the range," a shopper told The Sun newspaper when she spotted Kate browsing through the 'Brazilian-style' lacy briefs sold at a discount price of £3.90.

Now this is only a small article but I don't understand why The Sun had to write this. Everyone goes shopping and its only Diva's or egotistical celebrities that will only pay top dollar for small items. I can pretty much garantee that the person who was stupid enough to write this, shops at Primark where most things are £3 so why can't Kate?! I personally I am a big fan of Kate and I know I am not alone.

After shopping for sunglasses, the shop assistant made time to tell the journalist. "Kate fell in love with the sunglasses but they were the last pair and had been sitting on the rack for ages. She said it didn't matter if people had worn them before, she liked them too much," It shows how down to earth the future princess of Wales is, and although we can never compare her to Diana, I feel she is going to be just as amazing!

What do you think of this article, do you think its right that Kate should be followed everywhere she goes just so we can read a story about her? Is she cheap to be buying discounted clothing when she is close to becoming a princess?

Good luck to William and Kate on their wedding day. I shall be watching with a nice pint of Cider cheering you on. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Michael McIntyre is already being judged at his judging

Although i said i wasn't going to watch this years Britain's Got Talent at the end of last years competition. When i found out Michael McIntyre was going to be one of the judges because Simon Cowell is now too good for the UK, i just had to see how he got on; and he did not disappoint!

He was funny from the start, pretending to be Simon Cowell. His play on words and funny one liners kept me entertained while the auditionees failed to impress.

Ironically though he has been critised for upsetting a 9 year old boy who was coming on to do some comedy. David Knight from Birmingham was auditioning with a comedy routine and was asked by the judges who his favourite comedian was. Michael looked at the 9 year old waiting to hear his name, only to hear that Harry Hill was his first choice! Michael responded by reminding the boy 'i'm judging you!' and prompted him to hit his buzzer before David had even started his act!

Michael quickly said that he was joking once he realised that the wannabe comedian did not get it. Unfortunately for Michael, this did not stop David's eyes from filling up with tears. After being reassured that it was only a joke, David completed his act and recieved plenty of praise from all three judges, especially Mr McIntyre. The boy was given three yes' and he was sent on his way. But the audition has haunted the comedian since!

I don't understand why the papers are making such a big thing about it. The child went on to do comedy so you would think he would have a sense of humour! And although the newspapers have said that Michael has shattered the dreams of the 9 year old. We all know that he was just having a laugh, i mean, he is a comedian, its what they do!

David has recently hit back at the comedian by saying that Harry Hill is still his favourite and that the Hoff is his favourite judge! This just goes to show that David will struggle to make it as a comedian if TV Burp is his favourite programme.

Its a no from me!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Nicolas Cage Arrested for Domestic Violence

I was reading on the msn website that Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans and detained on charges of domestic abuse battery.

The actor and his wife were in front of a home which a drunk Cage was insisting was the one they were renting. His wife disagreed and after a heated argument, Cage grabbed her arm and started hitting vehicles. When he tried to get into a taxi, a police officer saw that he was drunk and told him to get out of the taxi, which Cage did not appreciate and started shouting at the officer resulting in his arrest.

Along with domestic abuse, he was also charged with disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. He was later released on a $11,000 bond.

Cage has been going downhill since he has suffered with finacial troubles which is ironic considering he is one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood.

Now i do not approve of abuse whatever the excuse, but i think the police need to concentrate on a bigger form of abuse. On a number of occasions Nicolas Cage has forced his wife to accompany him to a number of movie premiers of films which he stars in! That is torture in itself! I felt mentally violated after i sat through the film 'Knowing' and had to deal with a lot of anger towards the cinema for not warning me before i bought the ticket! And don't get me started on 'Ghost Rider'

Nicolas Cage needs to stop playing it safe with these terrible films and needs to start challenging himself.  I wish him well and hope that he is able to sort his finances out. I recommend that he consolidates his debts into one manageable monthly repayment. Just watch some UK daytime TV and he will have a number of companies that can help him.

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Lindsay Lohan's connection to the Mafia!

Source Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been chatting to celebrity gossip magazine Page Six about an upcoming mob film Gotti. She believes she should get a part in the film because she has connections with the Gotti family. 'My dad was in jail with the grandfather' she told the magazine. Michael Lohan served a four year jail sentence in the late 90's which is when the pair met. Miss Lohan says she has know the Gotti family since she was three years old.

John Gotti became the crime boss of the Gambino family in 1985 when he organised the murder of Paul Castellano and took his place. This left Gotti as the boss of the most powerful crime family in America until 1992 when he was convicted of five murders.

To be honest I am not surprised that she has connections to the Mob family. With her history of drug abuse, alcohol and DUIs i'm just surprised we haven't heard reports that she is in a relationship with Osama Bin Laden, her great grandfather is Hitler and she organised the assasination of JFK.
Back to her getting the part. Unfotunately for her in this situation its not who you know, its whether you are a good actress; and with her history of dropping out of films because she had to go to rehab, and my favourite reason has to be winning the award for Worst Actress at the Razzie awards for her performance in 'I Know Who Killed Me' where she plays a stripper with a dual personality, the best part is she came first and second for both personalities. Brilliant!

The only way she is going to get the part is if she sorts her life out, because whenever we hear about Lindsay, its always something bad and never about a great performance in a film, charity work etc. However as a fan of entertainment, I do enjoy reading about her getting into trouble because it is always something funny such as my previous post about her 'Lindsay Lohan shows us a new way of standing up'

Right now she is at a cross roads in her life where she can either turn her life around, or go further down the dark road. I guess we will have to wait and see which turning she makes.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jedward forces Coco into early retirement!

Source Jedward

Coco the monkey, star of Coco Pops since 1963 will be shown the door by Kelloggs as they have found a 'suitable' replacement according to Heatworld, but Kelloggs say they have no intention in giving the monkey his marching orders.

Coco has been turning the milk chocolatey for 48 years, but rumours are that Jedward has taken the reins. The only way they will be able to turn the milk chocolatey is by pumping their evil into every bowl. This deal is said to be worth £180,000 and the twins are set to record their first advert in LA. But that is not the worst part of this story! John describes it perfectly. 'When you walk in the shops, all you will see is our faces and kids will be begging their parents to buys us!'

Now i have accepted that i have to see The twins once a week because they are on one of the funniest programmes on TV right now - Celebrity Juice. But to possibly see them everytime there is a break on, plus seeing them whenever i am in a Supermarket is a scary thought.

However Kelloggs have released a statement which says 'Kelloggs have worked with Jedward in Ireland to promote our Fun Raise for Kids campaign...However, as much as we love the guys, we have no plans to use them to 'front a campaign' and they will not be replacing Coco the monkey on our packs - his jobs is safe.'

We will just have to wait and see. All i know is these two pain in the asses are slowly taking over the world, and there is one man who is to blame for this, Louis Walsh! It reminds me of The Omen! Louis Walsh is the devil and Jedward are his children, maybe that is why they have those gigantic quifs to hide the horns! All i know is eventually they will take over the whole of television, along with Wagner and the GoCompare man unless we can find a way to stop them. I read on the msn news page that Jedward have landed the largest annual pay packet in X-Factor history, taking home £2.85m according to The Sun newspaper. GOD HELP US ALL!

I have a plan to stop Jedward! Because they are mainly on adverts, my plan is to turn over to a different channel when their advert comes on and turn back 30 seconds later when hopefully it would have finished. If everyone does this then the ratings will drop and they will be dropped also which will make our country a little bit happier.

Let me know your thoughts or let me know of other ideas you may have. We cannot let Louis Walsh win guys!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton invite their ex's to their wedding!

I was reading 'Now' magazine and i saw an article about Prince William and Kate Middleton inviting six of their ex-partners to their wedding on the 29th of April.

William has invited four of his ex-girlfriends to the ceremony, Arabella Musgrave 28, Rose Farquhar 26, Jecca Craig 28, and finally Davina Duckworth-Chad (Possibly the best name ever) 32 who was once favourite to be Will's bride has been invited.

I feel more sorry for Kate's ex-boyfriends though Rupert Finch 30 and Willem Marx 28. Imagine being introduced to the newly wedded couple and introducing your partner:

Rupert - Congratulations on you marriage

Kate - Thank you very much

Rupert - May i introduce you to my girlfriend Jenny, Jenny is a Bank Manager in Natwest, soon to be promoted to Regional Manager.

Kate - Very nice to meet you Jenny, and Rupert may i introduce William. He is a Prince and in the future he will be KING OF FRICKING ENGLAND! Check Mate Biatch!

As part of the invite, the guests will also recieve a 22 page list of protocol for the wedding day including such things as how to greet the queen, dining rules and also dress code. 'Etiquette is very important but for some it will be a minefield,' a source told the Daily Mirror.

I think the best man might need to have this list as well as i have seen his outfit and i don't think it will be appropriate for the big day.

Source Prince Harry

I honestly cannot wait for the wedding day, not only because it means i get an extra day off work but because i feel it is going to bring the country together for at least one day, and it makes me proud to be English!

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Wayne Rooney's Recieves Two Match Ban!

Source Wayne Rooney

During Rooney's celebrations following his third goal with which Manchester United came back from being 0-2 down against West Ham to finish 4-2. The striker swore into a pitchside camera and was subsequently charged by the Football Association for using offensive language with a two match ban. Since then Rooney has released a statement showing his disappointment in the decision.

In his statement, Rooney commented that his ban did not seem right, he went on to say that he is not the only footballer who swears during a match but he is the only one who was banned. I think he had forgotten Drogba's ban after the 2009 champions league semi final against barcelona when he made his feelings clear about the referees failure to award Chelsea numerous amounts of calls for penalties.

This is not the first time Rooney has been on the front page for the wrong reasons. Rooney reportedly slept with a prostitute, Jennifer Thompson on a number of occasions in 2009 while his wife Coleen was pregnant with son Kai. Although his lawyer tried to stop these allegations from reaching the press, they were unsuccessful.

On the 19th of June 2010 he was forced to apologise to the nation for his rant about the fans boos after the England side woeful draw to Algeria. His comments 'Nice to hear your own fans booing you. That's what loyal support is!' was heard by television cameras as the team walked off the pitch.

Source Daily Mail

Now unfortunately Rooney whether you like it or not, you are in the public eye; and because of this, what you do on the pitch represents your team, the FA and England so you are going to be critised for that. You are also a role model to children, so when they see you swearing to everyone watching the game, it encourages them to act in the same way, which could contribute to the behaviour of wannabe gangsters infesting our streets at night. Just think, by behaving and being the great player you are, the articles in the newspapers will be positive. In the words of Ben Parker from Spiderman 'With great power, comes great responsibility' (cheesy i know)

I have one more final rant about this subject but it isn't aimed at Rooney its aimed at Oliver Holt who writes for The Sun. In his article he says that it is part of the job, just like a cabbie in London chatting to his passengers. I guarantee in Rooney's contract it does not state that the player must swear at the camera every single game. He also said that the worst the the striker could of done was scare squeamish children; and that is acceptable is it?! His final comment was 'I swear infront of my children but it does not make me a bad father because i teach them morals and values.' Looks like your children are gonna struggle when applying for jobs in the future. 'I would like to apply for this position because i am f**king brilliant at it, and would p*ss all over the other applicants' Good luck with that!

On a side note i would like to say i hope that Wayne has a successful season for England, keep banging in those goals lol

Thanks for reading guys

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Jedward Somehow Slate Blue!

Both Jedward and Blue are representing their countries at the Eurovision song contest, and Jedward has wasted no time in playing mind games with the boyband.

During an interview the brothers told The Sun that they have listened to all the other songs and it appears that their song is better than the rest! Edward explained that "We're 19 and it will be girl teenagers voting, so they're more likely to vote for us. I've heard everyone else's Eurovision song and ours is better.”

They also critised Blue who will be singing their comeback song 'I Can' by saying "We never ditched our fans and came back. We've always been here." Unfortunately this is true!

Although i think no-one cares, Jedward have said that they are taking the Eurovision song contest 100% seriously.

Jedward first annoyed us during the 2009 series of X-factor where they came sixth in the finals of the competition. Since then their debut single 'Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)' reached second place in the singles chart but were dropped by Sony Records only to be signed by Universal Records on a three album deal the following day! Now i am abit confused as to why someone would think about signing these two...muppets (thats the only word i could come up with without swearing) I think Liam Gallagher summed it up beautifully when he said "How do you not smack them? I know all about annoying fucking brothers (referencing to his brother Noel), but nobody comes close to them. What the fuck is happening to British music? And what are those things on their heads?"

Obviously Jedward have every right to say that they are better than Blue. Blue only had nine singles in the top 10, three of them being chart toppers, and a number 1 album. So really they don't compare to the two Irish pricks.

I do however have a couple of ideas for the twins to progress in their career. One is to follow in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and appear in the TV drama CSI. Justin appeared in two episodes where at the end he ended up getting shot multiple times by police officers...Was probably my favourite episode ever, not that i want Justin Bieber to be killed, its just good that i don't have to imagine it anymore, i can see it for real.

Anyway my second idea is a reality TV show which is a mixture between Capture the Flag on 'Call of Duty' and the film 'Smoking Aces' Basically people apply to have the chance to track down the twins and kidnap them, keeping them hostage until the production company says they have completed the challenge...Although i would hope that the production company loses the contact details and they just stay there indefinately.

So good luck to Blue, unfortunately like every other year, it will be political and they will be lucky to get just one point, but give it a go!

Talking about politics, Jedward would be pleased to know that our current Prime Minister David Cameron thought that the twins were the best act on the X-Factor in 2009, however Gordon Brown at the time did state that they were 'not very good', although he did later apologised for that comment. Hope this doesn't sway the voting in the next election!

And if you are a fan of the twins, then you will be happy to hear that they will be releasing a clothing line called 'Pop Icons' and will be inspired by legends such as Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

Thanks for reading guys

Monday, 4 April 2011

Charlie Sheen is Bi-winning!

Mr Sheen has been showing the world that he is no longer under the influence of drugs anymore during an exclusive interview with ABC news.

After his ramblings during radio interviews, Andrea Cannings decided to ask direct questions to get to the truth about his drug use, orgies and dating two women at once. When asked if he was still on drugs, Charlie replied 'i am on a drug, its called Charlie Sheen!... i woke up and decided i have been kicked around, criticised about my rock star life and i am finally going to embrace it.' Asked whether he could possibly be Bi-pola, Charlie corrected the presenter by saying he wasn't Bi-pola, he was Bi-winning!

With the random comments he was making during the interview he was asked if he was on drugs at that moment to which he responded, 'you're just dealing with a Vatican Assasin, sorry...what does that mean you're wondering, whatever, its just a joke (really?), everybody takes things so literally.' So what did it mean? 'I don't know, all those words just sounds cool together...stuff just comes out and its entertaining and fun (questionable) and it sounds different from all the other garbage people are spewing.' So does that mean random words put together is more entertaining than the normal kind on comedy? Because if that is the case, people who have been committed to Psychiatric Institutes could become the new generation of comedians!

Charlie also told ABC that the last time he took drugs was around a month ago where he was taking more drugs than any 'normal' person could survive from; and the only reason he survived that was because he is Charlie Sheen, and he was proud to take drugs because he exposed other people to magic, and if they died then that was their fault. This man is devine and because of this i feel we should pull our troops out and send him into Afghanistan as Chopper Harley! At least he would be able to sort out the heroin problem!

Right now, with the proof of a drugs test, Charlie is not under the influence of drugs, and giving up was so easy for him as all he did was blinked and he cured himself according to the Two and a Half Men star.

Asked if he had any support from fellow celebrities, Mr Sheen announced that he had huge support from stars such as Sean Penn, Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell but no advice was given; but just the fact that their names appeared on his phone made Charlie feel like he is winning....

Now these are proper role models don't you think! In 1987 Sean Penn was arrested for assaulting a photographer on a film set, and was also alleged to of hung a paparazzo by his ankles from a 9th floor balcony. Mel Gibson known for his Homophobia, Racism, Sexism and Domestic Violence, Anti-Semitism and DUI's; and the allegations against Colin Farrell involving prostitution and harrassment to a telephone sex worker. If he wanted even better idols then he should speak to Amy Winehouse, Mickey Rourke and Naomi Campbell.

Now there is only one man who can talk some sense into Charlie Sheen! One man who can give him a reality check because i expect he has someone in his family who has gone through what Charlie is going through. This man take no crap and says it like it is! I can see the caption now 'My drug use turned me into a Vatican Assasin' Only Jeremy Kyle can save this man ladies and gentlemen. But will he answer the call?!

Thanks for reading guys

Friday, 1 April 2011

Lindsay Lohan shows us a new way of standing up

source oceleb

Lindsay Lohan has recently finished rehab and decided to celebrate it the only way she knows how...PISS-UP!!!

Plenty of pictures have been published of Lindsay hitting the deck outside a Lower East Side bar, and fails to stand back up resulting in one picture showing her with her forehead pressed to the pavement (i think she is impersonating a hedgehog when it gets spooked curling up in a ball, but that is just my opinion). Although i think she is just trying to entertain the photographers with some breakdancing choreography, but she could just be shaming herself once again. I'll let you guys decide.

source daily mail

According to Miss Lohan, she updated her status on facebook stating 'i'm always a klutz. Is it not allowed to slip and fall?' (Still pissed i think) She also went on Twitter and said 'Funny how making a joke can turn into...well, me falling and a story.' Now in her defence she was wearing heels so she does have a leg to stand on...No wait, she doesn't!

Its good to know that after all that time in Prison, rehab and infront of judges she has turned over a new leaf! If i was the judge i would be able to put her into shape. Six weeks in prison forced to listen to Justin Bieber's 'Baby' over and over again. Then a years community service having to watch the Kardashians go about their everyday lives. That would be enough to cure anyone i think...Scares me!

Let me know what you think the judge can do to sort her out guys, she needs our help before Charlie Sheen gets to her!

Thanks for reading!
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