Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lily Allen 'Outraged' by royal wedding snub

Source Lily Allen
Singer Lily Allen has express her disappointment on Twitter after Joss Stone was invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding and not her. Both Joss and Lily were asked by Prince William and Harry to perform at the 'Concert for Diana' in memory of their mother in 2007, but only Joss was invited to the wedding.

'Well, you can quote me as 'outraged'. Why does bloody Joss Stone get an invite and not moi? I sang at the Diana concert too!' said the Smile singer.

Joss will be joining other celebrities such as Victoria and David Beckham, Guy Ritchie and Rowan Atkinson. Lily went on to joke that Joss stone will pull a 'Whitney Huston' and vomit everywhere after too much alcohol.

I can understand Lily's annoyance at not being invited. Part of me doesn't believe that they should invite everyone to the big day. A wedding should be for family and close friends, not for anyone who they might have met a couple of times just because they are high profile people. However, the other part of me thinks it is a brilliant idea for a big wedding as it will bring the country together during this tough time. I can also understand how difficult it is for the couple to put and list together, if you invite one person you feel like you have to another person so they don't feel left out. Its a right pain in the backside.

Lily needs to concentrate on her own wedding to builder Sam Cooper. She appears to be having problems with her own invitation, more specifically with Mark Ronson. The Daily Mail reported the Mark, who produced many of her early songs, did not recieve an invited to her big day. He Tweeted 'I don't think i have been invited to Lily's. Are the invitations out yet?' Lily Tweeted back 'You did get my invitation right? In the Daily Fail it says i've snubbed you from my wedding list.'

Whatever is going on Lily needs to get over the fact that she won't be at Westminster Abbey on the 29th of April. I haven't been invited but i am still going to be watching it. Maybe she could watch it with Paris Hilton, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown as they have also been snubbed by the royals, or they could be rebelious and tune into the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! The choice is theirs.

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