Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Michael McIntyre is already being judged at his judging

Although i said i wasn't going to watch this years Britain's Got Talent at the end of last years competition. When i found out Michael McIntyre was going to be one of the judges because Simon Cowell is now too good for the UK, i just had to see how he got on; and he did not disappoint!

He was funny from the start, pretending to be Simon Cowell. His play on words and funny one liners kept me entertained while the auditionees failed to impress.

Ironically though he has been critised for upsetting a 9 year old boy who was coming on to do some comedy. David Knight from Birmingham was auditioning with a comedy routine and was asked by the judges who his favourite comedian was. Michael looked at the 9 year old waiting to hear his name, only to hear that Harry Hill was his first choice! Michael responded by reminding the boy 'i'm judging you!' and prompted him to hit his buzzer before David had even started his act!

Michael quickly said that he was joking once he realised that the wannabe comedian did not get it. Unfortunately for Michael, this did not stop David's eyes from filling up with tears. After being reassured that it was only a joke, David completed his act and recieved plenty of praise from all three judges, especially Mr McIntyre. The boy was given three yes' and he was sent on his way. But the audition has haunted the comedian since!

I don't understand why the papers are making such a big thing about it. The child went on to do comedy so you would think he would have a sense of humour! And although the newspapers have said that Michael has shattered the dreams of the 9 year old. We all know that he was just having a laugh, i mean, he is a comedian, its what they do!

David has recently hit back at the comedian by saying that Harry Hill is still his favourite and that the Hoff is his favourite judge! This just goes to show that David will struggle to make it as a comedian if TV Burp is his favourite programme.

Its a no from me!

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