Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jedwards attempt to perform with tigers denied!

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I read in Thursdays Mirror that Jedward was denied the opportunity to perform with tigers while representing Ireland in the Eurovision song contest.

According to a carer of the twins 'The boys thought bringing on Tigers was a full-proof plan. They know that the other countries don't think Britain or Ireland take the competition seriously. This was the ideal was of showing that they'd put a lot of thought into the gig.'

I know why they can't have the tigers. You see so many charity adverts on TV about animals who are being treated unfairly, been forced to dance and are kept in horrible conditions. Well i think the WWF would go mental if they saw the cats being tortured having to witness two morons dancing around like idiots.

I personally think its a great idea and that they should be allowed to have them on. By why stop at just letting them have tigers. Why not lions and gorillas, poisonous snakes, hyenas, and don't worry about feeding them and putting chains on them, let them roam around the stage. If they did that, then this could be the last time we see Jedward perform!

Source Tiger

I do feel that Ireland are talking rubbish when they say that they are taking the competition seriously. By choosing the twins who cannot sing and can't really dance, i actually think that they will appear to be taking the piss. Even though they came 6th in the X-Factor finals, it only happened because as a nation, we love underdogs. The only country they have a chance of beating is Great Britain, it just depends who is hated more.

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