Friday, 15 April 2011

Lindsay Lohan's connection to the Mafia!

Source Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been chatting to celebrity gossip magazine Page Six about an upcoming mob film Gotti. She believes she should get a part in the film because she has connections with the Gotti family. 'My dad was in jail with the grandfather' she told the magazine. Michael Lohan served a four year jail sentence in the late 90's which is when the pair met. Miss Lohan says she has know the Gotti family since she was three years old.

John Gotti became the crime boss of the Gambino family in 1985 when he organised the murder of Paul Castellano and took his place. This left Gotti as the boss of the most powerful crime family in America until 1992 when he was convicted of five murders.

To be honest I am not surprised that she has connections to the Mob family. With her history of drug abuse, alcohol and DUIs i'm just surprised we haven't heard reports that she is in a relationship with Osama Bin Laden, her great grandfather is Hitler and she organised the assasination of JFK.
Back to her getting the part. Unfotunately for her in this situation its not who you know, its whether you are a good actress; and with her history of dropping out of films because she had to go to rehab, and my favourite reason has to be winning the award for Worst Actress at the Razzie awards for her performance in 'I Know Who Killed Me' where she plays a stripper with a dual personality, the best part is she came first and second for both personalities. Brilliant!

The only way she is going to get the part is if she sorts her life out, because whenever we hear about Lindsay, its always something bad and never about a great performance in a film, charity work etc. However as a fan of entertainment, I do enjoy reading about her getting into trouble because it is always something funny such as my previous post about her 'Lindsay Lohan shows us a new way of standing up'

Right now she is at a cross roads in her life where she can either turn her life around, or go further down the dark road. I guess we will have to wait and see which turning she makes.

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