Monday, 25 April 2011

Lee Ryan's fan club gives up!

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The high-pitched annoyance who was part of the boy band 'Blue' Lee Ryan has had his self-esteem shot to hell, as the makers of his fan site has shut it down because 'We are no longer Lee Ryan's fans'.

When fans of Lee Ryan try and look at the site, they are greeted to a statement by the owners explaining why they have decided to close. 'We are extremely sorry to announce that we are forced to close are no longer Lee Ryan fans which is why running this website became pointless for us...We do not have time anymore to continue operating this fansite and searching for news and photo related to Lee Ryan' Those reasons I can understand this is because since the band split in 2004, Lee has not done much other than attempting to land a solo career between 2005 and 2006. Also during 2005 he was signed by Dolce and Gabbana to be the UK face of their new line of clothing. So because the site was created in 2005. For five years the owners have not had much to write for 5 years.

It seems to be bad timing for the singer as him and his fellow band mates have been given a lifeline to represent the UK in the Eurovision song contest with their single 'I Can' battling for the title against acts such as Jedward. Unfortunately for them, no matter how good the song is, they are unlikely to be crowned the champions of Europe due to the political impact on the show. Thankfully though, and I say thankfully sarcastically, Ducan James insists that the results of their Eurovision bid won't affect their comeback. "Should the worst happen, we're still going to press ahead with the album. It won't be the last of us - we're all fully committed to this band again."...Yay!

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I wish the band luck, but I do believe that they need to make some realistic goals. For me, seeing them beat Jedward would be enough for me. It would be a more entertaining competition if the twins were pelted with potatoes during the performance. Though am I in no way condoning violence.

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