Friday, 1 April 2011

Lindsay Lohan shows us a new way of standing up

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Lindsay Lohan has recently finished rehab and decided to celebrate it the only way she knows how...PISS-UP!!!

Plenty of pictures have been published of Lindsay hitting the deck outside a Lower East Side bar, and fails to stand back up resulting in one picture showing her with her forehead pressed to the pavement (i think she is impersonating a hedgehog when it gets spooked curling up in a ball, but that is just my opinion). Although i think she is just trying to entertain the photographers with some breakdancing choreography, but she could just be shaming herself once again. I'll let you guys decide.

source daily mail

According to Miss Lohan, she updated her status on facebook stating 'i'm always a klutz. Is it not allowed to slip and fall?' (Still pissed i think) She also went on Twitter and said 'Funny how making a joke can turn into...well, me falling and a story.' Now in her defence she was wearing heels so she does have a leg to stand on...No wait, she doesn't!

Its good to know that after all that time in Prison, rehab and infront of judges she has turned over a new leaf! If i was the judge i would be able to put her into shape. Six weeks in prison forced to listen to Justin Bieber's 'Baby' over and over again. Then a years community service having to watch the Kardashians go about their everyday lives. That would be enough to cure anyone i think...Scares me!

Let me know what you think the judge can do to sort her out guys, she needs our help before Charlie Sheen gets to her!

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