Saturday, 23 April 2011

Kate Middleton goes shopping!

Future Queen of England Kate Middleton was spotted shopping for underwear at a lingerie store named Goldenpoint in London's King's Road last Tuesday "I certainly didn't expect her to be browsing at the bottom end of the range," a shopper told The Sun newspaper when she spotted Kate browsing through the 'Brazilian-style' lacy briefs sold at a discount price of £3.90.

Now this is only a small article but I don't understand why The Sun had to write this. Everyone goes shopping and its only Diva's or egotistical celebrities that will only pay top dollar for small items. I can pretty much garantee that the person who was stupid enough to write this, shops at Primark where most things are £3 so why can't Kate?! I personally I am a big fan of Kate and I know I am not alone.

After shopping for sunglasses, the shop assistant made time to tell the journalist. "Kate fell in love with the sunglasses but they were the last pair and had been sitting on the rack for ages. She said it didn't matter if people had worn them before, she liked them too much," It shows how down to earth the future princess of Wales is, and although we can never compare her to Diana, I feel she is going to be just as amazing!

What do you think of this article, do you think its right that Kate should be followed everywhere she goes just so we can read a story about her? Is she cheap to be buying discounted clothing when she is close to becoming a princess?

Good luck to William and Kate on their wedding day. I shall be watching with a nice pint of Cider cheering you on. 

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