Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Jedward forces Coco into early retirement!

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Coco the monkey, star of Coco Pops since 1963 will be shown the door by Kelloggs as they have found a 'suitable' replacement according to Heatworld, but Kelloggs say they have no intention in giving the monkey his marching orders.

Coco has been turning the milk chocolatey for 48 years, but rumours are that Jedward has taken the reins. The only way they will be able to turn the milk chocolatey is by pumping their evil into every bowl. This deal is said to be worth £180,000 and the twins are set to record their first advert in LA. But that is not the worst part of this story! John describes it perfectly. 'When you walk in the shops, all you will see is our faces and kids will be begging their parents to buys us!'

Now i have accepted that i have to see The twins once a week because they are on one of the funniest programmes on TV right now - Celebrity Juice. But to possibly see them everytime there is a break on, plus seeing them whenever i am in a Supermarket is a scary thought.

However Kelloggs have released a statement which says 'Kelloggs have worked with Jedward in Ireland to promote our Fun Raise for Kids campaign...However, as much as we love the guys, we have no plans to use them to 'front a campaign' and they will not be replacing Coco the monkey on our packs - his jobs is safe.'

We will just have to wait and see. All i know is these two pain in the asses are slowly taking over the world, and there is one man who is to blame for this, Louis Walsh! It reminds me of The Omen! Louis Walsh is the devil and Jedward are his children, maybe that is why they have those gigantic quifs to hide the horns! All i know is eventually they will take over the whole of television, along with Wagner and the GoCompare man unless we can find a way to stop them. I read on the msn news page that Jedward have landed the largest annual pay packet in X-Factor history, taking home £2.85m according to The Sun newspaper. GOD HELP US ALL!

I have a plan to stop Jedward! Because they are mainly on adverts, my plan is to turn over to a different channel when their advert comes on and turn back 30 seconds later when hopefully it would have finished. If everyone does this then the ratings will drop and they will be dropped also which will make our country a little bit happier.

Let me know your thoughts or let me know of other ideas you may have. We cannot let Louis Walsh win guys!

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