Thursday, 7 April 2011

Jedward Somehow Slate Blue!

Both Jedward and Blue are representing their countries at the Eurovision song contest, and Jedward has wasted no time in playing mind games with the boyband.

During an interview the brothers told The Sun that they have listened to all the other songs and it appears that their song is better than the rest! Edward explained that "We're 19 and it will be girl teenagers voting, so they're more likely to vote for us. I've heard everyone else's Eurovision song and ours is better.”

They also critised Blue who will be singing their comeback song 'I Can' by saying "We never ditched our fans and came back. We've always been here." Unfortunately this is true!

Although i think no-one cares, Jedward have said that they are taking the Eurovision song contest 100% seriously.

Jedward first annoyed us during the 2009 series of X-factor where they came sixth in the finals of the competition. Since then their debut single 'Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)' reached second place in the singles chart but were dropped by Sony Records only to be signed by Universal Records on a three album deal the following day! Now i am abit confused as to why someone would think about signing these two...muppets (thats the only word i could come up with without swearing) I think Liam Gallagher summed it up beautifully when he said "How do you not smack them? I know all about annoying fucking brothers (referencing to his brother Noel), but nobody comes close to them. What the fuck is happening to British music? And what are those things on their heads?"

Obviously Jedward have every right to say that they are better than Blue. Blue only had nine singles in the top 10, three of them being chart toppers, and a number 1 album. So really they don't compare to the two Irish pricks.

I do however have a couple of ideas for the twins to progress in their career. One is to follow in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and appear in the TV drama CSI. Justin appeared in two episodes where at the end he ended up getting shot multiple times by police officers...Was probably my favourite episode ever, not that i want Justin Bieber to be killed, its just good that i don't have to imagine it anymore, i can see it for real.

Anyway my second idea is a reality TV show which is a mixture between Capture the Flag on 'Call of Duty' and the film 'Smoking Aces' Basically people apply to have the chance to track down the twins and kidnap them, keeping them hostage until the production company says they have completed the challenge...Although i would hope that the production company loses the contact details and they just stay there indefinately.

So good luck to Blue, unfortunately like every other year, it will be political and they will be lucky to get just one point, but give it a go!

Talking about politics, Jedward would be pleased to know that our current Prime Minister David Cameron thought that the twins were the best act on the X-Factor in 2009, however Gordon Brown at the time did state that they were 'not very good', although he did later apologised for that comment. Hope this doesn't sway the voting in the next election!

And if you are a fan of the twins, then you will be happy to hear that they will be releasing a clothing line called 'Pop Icons' and will be inspired by legends such as Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

Thanks for reading guys

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