Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Justin Bieber Rents out a Movie Theater for a date!

I realise the last two posts have been about Bieber, but he seems to be the only one doing stupid stuff right now.

Now its no secret that women like a man to be romantic. But if someone rents out an entire cinema; you have to wonder what is going on. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were able to watch Hugh Jackman's new film Reel Steel without any hassle from fans, by renting out the entire movie theatre at Silvercity Polo Park. Whats wrong Bieber? Don't you want to show your girlfriend off to the public. Is Selena like Fiona in Shrek! Does she turn into an Ogre in the dark?

Maybe he doesn't want to have to hide in the back row to make out! If only he knew that the theatre next door was empty already! They were showing Never Say Never!

What I wanna know is, where is he going to stop. If he goes out for a meal, do they close a restaurant for him. And what about when he goes shopping, do they close the shopping mall? I'm worried about him! He could be suffering from Anthropophobia (a fear of people or society)

How did he sort out closing the cinema? Did he have to pay for every seat? If so he might as well of put a cinema in his house. Then I would be slightly jealous of the Biebster.

I hear Justin's next date is at the LA Galaxy stadium. Although he has bought the seats in the entire stadium so there won't be a soccer match on.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Justin Bieber on a mission to beef up!

 Source Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been asking his celebrity pals for tips to beef himself up after the singer became fed up with his puny frame.

The 17 year old has changed his diet by eating egg whites, grilled salmon and chicken. He wants to put on at least 15lbs and is hoping his protein-rich diet, recommended to him by Justin Timberlake and Zach Efron will help. I guess he also wants to have bad breath and bad wind.

I don't blame him. But why stop at putting on weight. He should think about university, looking for a new job, maybe a change of personality.

Good luck to him though. I know how hard it is to put on weight. But if he does succeed, he has to make sure that he doesn't go too far. Doesn't want to become a complete moron...he's already a muppet.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bruce Willis vs Ashton Kutcher! Ding Ding!

If there is one person you don't want to upset, it is Bruce Willis. But it seems that Ashton Kutcher forgot this and has p****d him off big time!

Even though Brucie and Demi Moore split in 2000, Bruce still see her as family. So after hearing reports of Ashton allegedly cheating on Demi with Sara Leal. Bruce has turned into 'John McClane' and is on the warpath and is determined to have a chat with 'Hans Gruber' AKA Mr Kutcher.

'When Bruce found out he flipped' A source told Now Magazine. 'He plans to confront Ashton and give him a huge talking-to... Bruce believes if you mess with people he loves, you mess with him... He trusted Ashton not to hurt his family and is planning to give him a piece of his mind... When he finally catches up with him it won't be pretty!'

After reading this, all I can say is... Goodbye Ashton, you had a good run, 33 is a good age to be destroyed! If you are going to anger someone, don't choose Bruce Willis! In his acting career he has killed 4 terrorists, stopped an asteroid from hitting the earth, and he has time travelled to stop 12 monkeys! What has Ashton done? He lost his car after a drunken night out, time travelled and messed up peoples lives, and ironically, has become a womaniser. The main difference is that Bruce did all this as an actor... I can't tell if Ashton was acting or if this was real life.

Anyways good luck Ashton, you never know, Two And A Half Men may be looking for another character in the near future.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

X Factor! 16 down to 12!!

Last weekend was extremely stressful for 16 people in our country. Not only did they have their first live performances on X Factor, but their judges had to decide which one of their singers had to go home.

I made a prediction after the live performances and I got 3/4, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with the decisions.

The judge that I felt sorry for the most was Kelly Rowland. She has got such a strong category that whoever she chose, she was going to send home an amazing singer and unfortunately it was Amerlia Lily. Though I hope someone signs that girl because I think she is amazing!

The judge who I felt was the worst was, no surprise, Louis Walsh!! What an idiot!! After Jonjo's performance, the judges were quick to critise, saying that he was nervous and the song choice was poor All these comments seemed to make up Louis' mind on who to send home and he hadn't even seen the other performances. He made it clear that the song choice was not his idea, but Jonjo fought back by saying the one that Louis chose was less energetic than his.

I can believe that. I bet Louis had a vision of Jonjo sitting on a stool, singing. Then when the song really gets going, Jonjo would then stand up and walk towards the front of the stage, resulting in a cheer from the crowd. That kind of original thinking would of seen Jonjo performing on this weeks show!

Unfortunately we cannot change what has happened, or will that be another X Factor twist?! All I can say is, Over 25s, watch your back, because Louis doesn't have it. He is still upset over Goldie!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Katie Price is at it again!

Right I realise that I have been away from the celebrity world for at least a week. But I definitely remember reading an article last week about Leo Penna admitting to the press that he would like to marry Katie Price. It was definitely a week ago because I remember thinking what an idiot he was for falling into the trap of Medusa AKA Jordan. Now, a week later, I'm reading that they have split up and Katie has now been seen leaving the house of rugby player and ex to Kelly Brook, Danny Cipriani.

I guess this is what makes celebrity life so great. But reading this, half of me is filled with joy, but at the same time, the other half is filled with sadness. I think it is great that Leo Penna has escaped from Katie Price's world. But what about the poor rugby player who has been sucked into the world of a media hungry Siren.

A source said 'Pals have been urging her to forget the model and football types, saying rugby guys were much more reliable... She only got his number a couple of months ago and started bombarding him with texts.'

If she has been bombarding him with texts for months then does that mean that she was texting him whilst she was still with Penna? If so then maybe Danny's pals should have urged him away from models, or just Jordan.

If Jordan's relationship history is anything to go by, then we have nothing to worry about. They will be seen on holiday together, there will be reports about him staying in the same bed as her, she will meet his parents, talk about having children and getting married, maybe one of them may actually happen, then they will split up. So do not fear, should only last a maximum of a year.
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