Saturday, 15 October 2011

X Factor! 16 down to 12!!

Last weekend was extremely stressful for 16 people in our country. Not only did they have their first live performances on X Factor, but their judges had to decide which one of their singers had to go home.

I made a prediction after the live performances and I got 3/4, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with the decisions.

The judge that I felt sorry for the most was Kelly Rowland. She has got such a strong category that whoever she chose, she was going to send home an amazing singer and unfortunately it was Amerlia Lily. Though I hope someone signs that girl because I think she is amazing!

The judge who I felt was the worst was, no surprise, Louis Walsh!! What an idiot!! After Jonjo's performance, the judges were quick to critise, saying that he was nervous and the song choice was poor All these comments seemed to make up Louis' mind on who to send home and he hadn't even seen the other performances. He made it clear that the song choice was not his idea, but Jonjo fought back by saying the one that Louis chose was less energetic than his.

I can believe that. I bet Louis had a vision of Jonjo sitting on a stool, singing. Then when the song really gets going, Jonjo would then stand up and walk towards the front of the stage, resulting in a cheer from the crowd. That kind of original thinking would of seen Jonjo performing on this weeks show!

Unfortunately we cannot change what has happened, or will that be another X Factor twist?! All I can say is, Over 25s, watch your back, because Louis doesn't have it. He is still upset over Goldie!

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