Sunday, 9 October 2011

Katie Price is at it again!

Right I realise that I have been away from the celebrity world for at least a week. But I definitely remember reading an article last week about Leo Penna admitting to the press that he would like to marry Katie Price. It was definitely a week ago because I remember thinking what an idiot he was for falling into the trap of Medusa AKA Jordan. Now, a week later, I'm reading that they have split up and Katie has now been seen leaving the house of rugby player and ex to Kelly Brook, Danny Cipriani.

I guess this is what makes celebrity life so great. But reading this, half of me is filled with joy, but at the same time, the other half is filled with sadness. I think it is great that Leo Penna has escaped from Katie Price's world. But what about the poor rugby player who has been sucked into the world of a media hungry Siren.

A source said 'Pals have been urging her to forget the model and football types, saying rugby guys were much more reliable... She only got his number a couple of months ago and started bombarding him with texts.'

If she has been bombarding him with texts for months then does that mean that she was texting him whilst she was still with Penna? If so then maybe Danny's pals should have urged him away from models, or just Jordan.

If Jordan's relationship history is anything to go by, then we have nothing to worry about. They will be seen on holiday together, there will be reports about him staying in the same bed as her, she will meet his parents, talk about having children and getting married, maybe one of them may actually happen, then they will split up. So do not fear, should only last a maximum of a year.

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