Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Justin Bieber Rents out a Movie Theater for a date!

I realise the last two posts have been about Bieber, but he seems to be the only one doing stupid stuff right now.

Now its no secret that women like a man to be romantic. But if someone rents out an entire cinema; you have to wonder what is going on. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were able to watch Hugh Jackman's new film Reel Steel without any hassle from fans, by renting out the entire movie theatre at Silvercity Polo Park. Whats wrong Bieber? Don't you want to show your girlfriend off to the public. Is Selena like Fiona in Shrek! Does she turn into an Ogre in the dark?

Maybe he doesn't want to have to hide in the back row to make out! If only he knew that the theatre next door was empty already! They were showing Never Say Never!

What I wanna know is, where is he going to stop. If he goes out for a meal, do they close a restaurant for him. And what about when he goes shopping, do they close the shopping mall? I'm worried about him! He could be suffering from Anthropophobia (a fear of people or society)

How did he sort out closing the cinema? Did he have to pay for every seat? If so he might as well of put a cinema in his house. Then I would be slightly jealous of the Biebster.

I hear Justin's next date is at the LA Galaxy stadium. Although he has bought the seats in the entire stadium so there won't be a soccer match on.

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