Sunday, 6 November 2011

Look out for the Tricksters during Halloween!

While I was writing some of this, I was being hounded by Trick or Treaters! I do not understand this tradition. Why should I give strangers in masks sweets, when they could quite easily be after my wallet or mobile phone instead.

But thinking about Halloween has made think that maybe some people aren't just evil on one day, but evil throughout the year; and I thought I would warn you guys and gals of the people to look out for!

Louis Walsh - Sucks the talent out of performers and turns them into cabaret acts. That's right Louis they actually are Cabaret! Examples - Choosing to put through Jedward and Wagner in the live finals when they clearly have as much talent as Alex Reid's....Well...Alex Reid generally. Plus if it wasn't for Goldie quitting the X Factor, we could of be forced to watch her performances on the live shows.

Jordan - The Siren who hunts down innocent men, using them to get publicity and media attention, and once she has sucked their soul out of them, she dumps them like the silicone implants which were once her breasts.

Jedward - Have been put on this earth to destroy Britain's entertainment sector. Simple as that! However I believe, if you split them apart, we can beat them. So come on guys, lets beat them! Grab you pitchforks!!!

Justin Beiber - I believe this boy has sold his soul! Not only is he one of the worlds biggest singers right now. He is extremely talented in playing musical instruments such as the drums, piano, guitar and bass. He can also play American Football, Basketball, Football (Or Soccer for you guys over the pond) so I can't help but feel that he has sold his soul. Also if you have seen the series 'Reaper' you will know it is about a boy who becomes a Demon Hunter because his parents sold his soul to the devil to save themselves. So I am praying that the news article floating around about him getting a girl pregnant is not true!

I'm worried because I don't know how we can stop these monsters! Now after watching 'Paranormal Activity' I am not convinced that exorcism is the answer.

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