Monday, 27 June 2011

Westlife to 'Help clear Louis' name'

Source Westlife

Westlife singers Kian Egan and Shane Filan has backed their manager Louis Walsh and are prepared to give evidence in order to save his reputation of an alleged sexual assault.

Kian told The Mirror yesterday 'We are ready to speak to police to clear Louis' name... We are with him 100% and will fully co-operate with the inquiry, but he is innocent.' How do they know? Was he fondling them instead at the time the allegation occurred? Or do they know due to the disappointment they felt that they were not able to watch?!

Louis has not been arrested, but he was questioned for two hours at the Four Seasons Hotel. Louis told the newspaper. 'It did not happen so therefore there is no case to answer. I am extremely angry that someone is trying to tarnish my name and reputation.' Did he have a positive reputation? I thought his reputation was being an old fashioned judge who doesn't actually have an eye for talent anymore...

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kim Kardashian proves her booty is 100% real...

Kim Kardashian has proved to...millions (I'm guessing) of people that her butt is 100% real by having an X-ray taken of her big behind.

'My sisters have dared me to get a butt X-ray, because there are so many people claiming i have butt implants and I'm so tired of them,' I think she has misheard them, what they have actually been saying is how much of a pain in the ass she is. She didn't have to prove it to me. Her 'Sketchers' advert was proof enough. She was so happy with the results, she ended it with her personal trainer because of them! Not the best advert, 'If you want a huge ass then why not try Sketchers' The acting was so bad I thought I was watching one of her reality shows!

Now if Kim is looking for a way to join J-Lo and Beyonce in the big booty club, she will have to speak to the President of the club. Hope this picture helps you Kim in tracking her down.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Louis Walsh searching for some lucky charms!

According to the Sun. A 24 year old single dad has claimed that Louis Walsh, judge on the UK version of The X Factor molested the man in a nightclub toilet.

Apparently it all happened in the Krystle Nightclub after a Westlife gig. They had met up in the Global Bar in the Russell Court Hotel, had some drinks, before making their way to the nightclub.

Maybe the bloke wanted to get to the finals of the X Factor?! I was thinking that must of been the only way that Wagner and Jedward got through. 'You can go through if you grab my lucky charms!'

According to the Daily Mail, staff at the club are well aware of who this man is and have described him as a 'celebrity chaser'. Police have decided not to charge the judge as they do not have any credence to the alleged victim. The man also changed his story a number of times, first saying that he was groped on the dancefloor, then maintaining Louis grabbed his genitals in the toilets. I was thinking if he wanted to make himself famous, why hasn't he tracked down Kerry Katona or Katie Price. Kerry has recently broken up with her fella, and Katie wants another child so what is he waiting for!

Louis has told the papers that he is fighting this accusation and is preparing to hire top lawyers to sue the Sun for printing the article. He is quoted as saying 'Anyone who knows me knows this is a pack of lies...I'm keeping my head up, and staying proud.'

Simon is said to be showing his support... I guess he has to as if Louis was sacked from X Factor, then there would be a brand new judging panel, and we wouldn't see any crap singers go through to the live finals! SIMON SACK HIM!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cheryl Cole's life saved by rocks!

With everything that has happened to Cheryl Cole during the last couple of months. It is good to know that someone is looking after her. No not Ashley!

TV astrologer Russell Grant has been feeling sorry for Cheryl and has sent her 3 healing gemstones to help the Geordie singer get through her X Factor failure. Apparently 'Cheryl needs this at the moment' he told The Sun. The gems he got her were an amethyst which 'protects from psychic attack'; Tiger's eye to bring her 'protective energy' and fluorite, to 'dissipate nervous energy'

He is missing a trick here! Why hasn't he gone on 'Dragons Den' to sell these products in supermarkets. If they really worked then people would be queuing out of the store to get them. I would like a 'get rid of Jedward' stone please!

I'm surprised that doctors don't use stones to heal people, maybe one of these stones could cure the common cold, hangovers, or even to stop Justin Bieber from singing...although I think any stone would stop that...

I really doubt that Russell has cured Cheryl, but it appears that the singer is feeling a lot better than she did a couple of weeks ago. She has tweeted to her followers that she is doing a lot better. 'I want to PROMISE you that I am absolutely fine and more than OK!' I bet her relationship with Simon is still on the rocks...I bet there is a gemstone for that!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Will Cheryl make a big mistake!

So I have heard that Ashley Cole has taken advantage of Cheryl Cole's bad fortune and has raced over to comfort during her tough time.

Since losing her place on both the UK and US X Factor, Cheryl has been in contact with her cheating ex boyfriend Ashley, and before he went to LA, they met up at their old house to play pool, had some drinks and have a chat. According to most media tabloids, they are on course to getting back together, even planning on having a holiday together.

What is going on with the WAGs?! We have heard many stories about some of our England football stars, and Ryan Giggs being caught offside, and each time the girlfriends and wives have come running back to them. Although we are yet to see what Stacey Giggs is going to do with the sex obsessed Welshman.

Now we know that WAG stands for 'Wives and Girlfriends', but I feel we need to change it to SWAG 'Some Women Are Gullable'! Are these footballers just being punished with suspensions rather than permanent bans? Has Ashley served a 9 month ban and is now cleared of all his sins? What kind of message are these women sending to girls who see them as role models? If he has lots of money then he can play away. Now those chav lads who go on Jeremy Kyle because they have cheated on their girlfriends have a defence, 'well you did say you would love to be treated like a footballers wife...'

Those WAGs have to decide whether they care more about their pride, or money. If they choose money then may I suggest to the lads a holiday to Thailand for the boys. I'm sure they would have a great time over there.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Giggs cheats on wife again...But which one?

The Giggs' saga continues with the announcement that Rhodri, brother of Manchester United star Ryan Giggs, has also been playing away.

 Source Rhodri Giggs

Danielle Healy has come forward to brand the young brother a 'hypocrite' by claiming that he slept with her four months ago. When speaking to the Sun she said 'I think Rhodri has got a lot of balls trying to play the victim in all this...I might not have had an eight-year affair with him but what we did was still wrong. He was a married man with children when he had sex with me. He wasn't exactly being the family man the night we got it together.'

The business administrator said she met the younger brother of the two at a pub in Manchester in February. She noticed he had rings on both hands including his wedding fingers. When he was asked if the ring was his wedding ring, he replied, 'That's my wedding ring' then he pointed to his right hand 'That's my divorce ring'.

They spent half an hour in the bedroom, (which i think is the reason why Ryan was the more successful brother, as he was able to last for 90 minutes), then they re-joined the party.

This story seems to be a lot better than the Terrygate scandal, and I think ITV and C4 needs to get on the phone and invite them onto their TV programmes. ITV could invite them onto Jeremy Kyle! They could go on after Katie Price. Channel 4 could invite them all onto 'Come Dine With Me' After they have a slap up meal, they could put their keys into a bowl and see who they get to spend the night with. Or they could do 'Celebrity Wife Swap'! I think they would be guaranteed a place on Coronation Street! What a brilliant storyline. Imogen who sleeps with Ryan, who also sleeps with Natasha, who is married to Rhodri who sleeps with Danielle, its perfect!

 Source The Outsider

Unfortunately for Rhodri, that one night has cost him his marriage with Natasha as she can't be with him anymore! Before she wanted to fight to save their marriage, but now she cannot trust him, its over! Clearly the 8 year affair is completely different and doesn't count... 'Pot calling the kettle black' comes to mind!'

I feel sorry for Imogen. With the latest stories, she has faded out of the lime-light! I recommend she contacts Wayne and Coleen Rooney and see if they want to have a night out, see what happens...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Katie has cured my writers block!

Just when I thought I was getting writers block, I read an article about Katie Price and I'm back!

Katie Price is in search for the new 'Jordan' and she has been talking to the Daily Star about her new reality show 'Discovered By Katie Price' who she is looking for. 'I'm looking for someone like me, someone determined to devote themselves to their modelling career'

Katie Tweeted this morning, 'London auditions at Westfield tomorrow from 9am', and according to the new judge 'I'm looking for model looks, a killer body, bags of ambition, a rock-solid personality, have-a-go attitude and a good sense of humour'...

I'm sorry but didn't she say that she was looking for someone like her! If that is true then she should of said. 'I'm looking for someone who constantly says in interviews 'I am who I am', someone who gets into a committed relationship, gets a tattoo for them, gets married, possibly has kids, then breaks up with the unlucky idiot.'

The lucky winner of the competition will join the ex model's new modelling agency 'Black Sheep Management' and will become the new Jordan...Doesn't sound much of a prize to me.

Source Jordan

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Shayne Warne makes a joke about Liz!

Shayne Warne, boyfriend to 'actress' Liz Hurley has made a joke about Liz's fembot character on the comedy film Austin Powers with her trademark machine gun boobs. When asked about the guns on an Australian radio show he replied, 'Next time I'm having a look down there, I'll see if the machine guns are still going off.'

If Liz was upset by that, then she is lucky that I am not her boyfriend as I would be taking the piss at the fact that she called herself 'an actress'

Friday, 10 June 2011

Adele moans about having to pay the taxman!

Source Adele

Singer Adele was named the 9th richest young music star in the Sunday Times Rich List after both of her albums 19 and 21 both reached the top spot in the album chart. She is estimated to be worth £6m but technically it is only £3m as she has to pay the taxman, which she is not happy about.

While talking to Q magazine she complained. 'I'm mortified to have to pay 50 per cent...Trains are late, state schools are s**t and i've got to give you 4 million quid - are you having a laugh!' She raises a valid point. With the amount of celebrities that live in the UK who are rich sods e.g. Lord Alan Sugar, Sir Paul McCartney and all the Dragons, you can imagine all that money they are having to pay the taxman. So where is all the money going? I'm guessing to Japan (2nd richest country in the world), Haiti, Africa, Australia etc. We need to sort out our own problems first before anyone else!

She has had a lot of critics have a go at her on Twitter since her comment. One Tweet said 'Poor Adele bemoans a 4 million tax bill, i would gladly swap her tax bill, you earn it you owe it' yeah right! I got paid today and I was pissed off that I have to pay him £200. I would put a bounty on his head if I had to pay 4 million!

My advice to Adele is, if you want to pay the taxman less money...Don't earn so much! Forget about cracking America, just worry about Great Britain. Do some gigs in pubs. My local is looking for a performer for New Years. Let me know if you are interested!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sarah Harding will strip for the right job!

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has expressed her desire to be a big star in a film industry during an interview with the Daily Star. She wants it so badly that she would be willing to strip down to her birthday suit if the right role was offered to her.

She told them 'I've got a few acting projects coming up but I'm not allowed to talk about them...Would i get naked for a role? It depends what kind of film...'

Unfortunately for Sarah, she has a similar problem to Lindsay Lohan. It doesn't matter who you know, or what you are willing to do. It is all down to how good you are at acting. If she wants to be a huge star, she will be need to be in a lot more than three films, and provide the audience with more than just her hills and lady garden. There may be some production company's that would be interested, and she doesn't even need to be that good as an actress, and if she doesn't mind getting her kit off, then they will like that even more as that is the kind of thing they are into...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rebecca Ferguson - Age gap is not a problem!

Rebecca Ferguson has been speaking to OK! magazine about her relationship with 17 year old Zayn Malik.

The X Factor runner up says the seven-year gap between the One Direction singer and herself is not a problem, 'Things are going well and I'm really happy...Where love's concerned, age shouldn't be an issue. You see so many couples who have big age-gaps and they're so happy, if it wasn't for the limelight, it wouldn't be an issue.'

Age gaps are not an issue, if anything its a plus. If they go to see a movie, Zayn can still get in as a child...Just can't watch 18's yet. Zayn now has someone to buy him alcohol, and when they go to supermarkets, they can park in the adult/child parking space!

When speaking to the Daily Mail, she spoke about how the teenager pursued her for months before she eventually gave in. 'He was after me for months, i was like "No, you're too young." But he really wooed me and it was a long, long struggle before anything happened.' That doesn't sound like a healthy way to get a girl. Reminds me of the film 'Notes on a Scandal'.

I'm sure the media will keep us up to date with their relationship, and for that i wish them luck. Just hope Zayn doesn't mind changing nappies, and Rebecca doesn't mind changing Zayn's nappies and hosting his sleep-overs.

Source Baby Zayn

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wayne Rooney's new hair!

Wayne Rooney has proudly shown his followers on Twitter his new head of hair. It appears the England striker was feeling conscious about the fact that he was going bald at 25, and even though he has been the joke of the dressing room at the United training ground, he has spent a whopping £12,000 on a hair transplant (Or £30,000 according to the Daily Mail).

Many have wondered why he has gone for the procedure? Because he is not blessed with great looks as it is, you would think that the money could be spent on something more worthwhile such as a charity...or castration (would think Coleen might of thought of that at one point).

Anyways I'm sure Rooney did this to boost his self-esteem and fair play to him! The only thing i wonder is, if he did spend £30k like the Daily Mail said. Why oh why did he not sort out the receding hairline?!

Gary Barlow possibly the greatest judge ever!

Gary Barlow has been told to tone down his criticism of auditions as someone has threatened to commit suicide.

The 40 year old Take That singer has recently taken a seat as one of the latest X Factor UK judge along with Kelly Rowland, Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos. But it seems that he is even worse than Simon Cowell. 'It's like Gary's evil twin turned up to judge! He's making Simon look like Mary Poppins'
I'm glad that he has started off this way! I was worried that we would have a judging panel like Britain's Got Talent where they let anyone through to the live finals and therefore make the show an utter disappointment! The whole point in judging is to let the person know if they are good enough, and if not, why.

'When he told Pebbles she looked like a man at her Birmingham audition, you could of heard a pin drop. She was mortified and immediately complained...There has been several complaints over Gary's dressing-downs. One contestant said they felt like killing themselves after coming off stage. Gary has been asked to tone it down by contestants.'

Granted I wouldn't of pictured Gary being that kind of judge, but himself and Kelly are the only judges that I will be listening to on that show as they have something in their trophy cabinet which gives them the right to voice their opinion.

If this carries on then the ratings are going to be brilliant for Mr Cowell!

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has a new nose!

After abusing her nose for years with cocaine, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has had surgery to reconstruct a new septum using the cartilage from one of her ribs.

'Tara is over the moon about her new nose' a friend told the Mail on Sunday. 'She plans to stay at home for the next fortnight just to make sure she doesn't damage it, but she is so happy.' Might want to take away her phone then so she doesn't contact anybody to test out her new nose...

Source Tara

Tara has been clean for years, but is this because she hasn't had a proper working nose? Tara admitted that the colapse of her nose was down to her having a £400-a-day coke habit. In 2006 she had major reconstructive surgery using cartilage from her ear. But it wasn't strong enough and her nose colapsed again. May i recommend not sniffing so hard!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

What is going on with Cheryl Cole?

The latest news in the US X Factor world is that Cheryl Cole is due to retake her seat on the judging panel next to Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Simon Cowell, which means Nicole Scherzinger (If you struggle to pronounce her surname, just say Shirt-Singer, helps me) will no doubt be sent back to co-hosting the show with Steve Jones. I feel sorry for Nicole as she seems to be thrown about quite a bit by Mr Cowell.

Reports said she was going to go on the show to say goodbye, but it now appears that she could be getting her job back.

This sounds very similar to 2007 when Louis Walsh was sacked from the UK version to make way for younger blood. He was later given his role back months after, replacing Brian Friedman, but the way it happened was extremely similar to Cheryl's situation. It makes me think that this was all planned as it has created a lot of media attention towards the two shows, although I do not have any proof of that Simon! (Don't want a lawsuit on my hands) However, if it has been planned, I wonder if Louis and Cheryl knew what was/is going on.

Anyway, according to a source who spoke to the News of the World, 'key executives at Fox realised they have made a huge mistake. They have been watching the tapes of her and the American auditions and realising that she could be a huge star over there'. Clearly the Geordie accent is not as big a problem as first thought. Or maybe they have been taking Geordie language classes. Whatever happens though it seems that Cheryl will be concentrating on becoming a respected solo artist over in America, and is on a mission to make that happen.

As for Simon, I think he should start a new reality TV shows like 'The Hills' or 'The Only Way is Essex' as neither of them are real and he could make some great storylines.

Thanks for reading guys and gals x

Friday, 3 June 2011

Frankie Sandford still finding it hard to talk about Dougie!

Even though she is in a relationship with West Ham defender Wayne Bridge, Saturday singer Frankie Sandford still finds it difficult to talk about the break up with Mcfly bass player Dougie Poynter.

This break up was very public and resulted in Dougie going into rehab. 'I find it hard to talk about, to be honest...It's been a learning curve for both of us'. However that isn't the only thing Frankie has had to deal with, she has received death threats from loyal Mcfly fans who were upset by their split. But Franks seems to be dealing with it quite well. 'There's always going to be a good and a bad person in the press' she said 'it makes it more interesting'. These fans sound like they need to be put in straight jackets and put in a padded room.

If I'm honest, I think Frankie should pay less attention to Dougie and look out for John Terry as I'm sure he is paying close attention to their relationship.

She has been dealing with critics on Twitter a lot better than the Rooney's. Both Coleen and Wayne have both been in confrontations with followers. After a girl tweeted 'look how orange you are and how ugly your rich, cheating husband is' after Coleen posted a photo of the couple in a pub. She responded in a professional manner though with a kind reply which read, 'haha thanks for that laugh!!! Just seen your profile pic!! Are you feeling ok cause you face looks very pale to your body!!!#dog' This was a week after Rooney was entwined in an argument with a fellow tweeter where they both threatened to have a fight with each other.

Coleen doesn't really have much of a defence as the tweeter was right about Wayne, and here is why:

Rich - Wayne was offered a huge contract during the January transfer window to keep him at Old Trafford.
Ugly - Many jokes have been made about Rooney's looks. For example 'Poor Wayne Rooney must be ugly. Other footballers have girls begging to have sex with them. He still has to pay for it.'
Cheating - Its no secret that Wayne was found out about paying for sex with a prostitute whilst Coleen was pregnant with his child. What a lovely fella!

Of course Coleen is going to be defending Wayne. If she doesn't then she wouldn't be able to spend his £180,000 a week wage.

Anyways things seem to be going well for both couples, for now. Lets just hope those footballers don't play away.

Thanks for reading guys and gals x
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