Monday, 9 May 2011

Gary Barlow announced as new X Factor judge

Simon Cowell has finally confirmed that the rumours are true. Gary Barlow, singer of the famous Take That has agreed to become a judge for the ITV show The X Factor to replace Mr Cowell who has committed himself to the US version with fellow judge Cheryl Cole.

Simon who arrived for filming of the new show, told reporters 'Gary Barlow is the first person confirmed'. It is thought that Danni Minogue and unfortunately Louis Walsh will be returning as judges this year with another seat available now that Cheryl has been confirmed for the US version.

This is great news for the program as I was afraid we were going to have another celeb in the industry who either hasn't had any success as a solo artist or someone whos idea of talent is as good as Katie Price's relationship history.

With a spare seat available to sit next to the 'Patience' singer, I am wondering who would be the best person to fill it. There is talk of several names being rumoured such as Lily Allen and Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon to be potential judges.

Why don't they ask someone like Alexandra Burke to judge as she has experience in the competition and can give advice on dealing with the media attention as well as the singing.

Whatever happens I think this year will be very good now that they have Gary Barlow who has so much expertise in this business.

Let me know what you think guys x

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