Friday, 20 May 2011

Imogen and Jedward to be I'm a Celeb contestant!

The Sun has revealed three potential people to take part in 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'. I say people because i am still trying to accept that they have actually done anything worth labelling them a celebrity for.

Source Jedward
The irritating twins named Jedward, and ex Big Brother house mate and gagged Imogen have been targeted by ITV to take part in the reality TV show with the chance to eat kangaroo testicles. Although if it turns out that Tim Cahill was Imogen's lover, then she would probably already have experience something similar.

If the twins do accept (which i am sure they will as it will raise their profile). I hope that they will be chosen to do all the trials, just so they can fail them all. Eventually the other celebrities will get so hungry they may have to start eating eachother; and who will they start with? How about the two idiots that made them starv!

I think its obvious that the reasons why Imogen has been hot listed to be on the show is because one, the moments she takes a wash under the waterfall will be just as highly rated as Mileene Klass' and two, they will hope that she will let slip the name of the footballer who she had the affair with, even though she is legally gagged right now.

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