Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fergie thinking of banning Twitter!

During a press conference, Alex Ferguson hinted that he is considering banning the social networking site Twitter and installing a library in the training camp.

After the recent spat between Wayne Rooney and one of his followers (i know what you're thinking, Wayne Rooney causing trouble, not like him), and although it was later dismissed as banter, it is still on the managers mind.

'I don't understand why anyone can be bothered with that kind of stuff' Alright grandad! 'There are millions of things you can do in your life without that...Get yourself down to the library and read a book, seriously' That's easy for Alex to say; but for a lot of these player on Twitter, its easier and quicker for them to use Twitter than to learn how to read and then read a book.

Ferguson does add a valid point for these high profile players and how they need to be cautious. 'It is a responsibility. They are responsible for their actions... We as a club are looking at it because there can be an issue attached to it. And we don't want that.'

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