Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Katie shocks us again...Or does she?

It seems that Katie Price does not learn from her mistakes.

After she had a tattoo of a rose put on her wrist to cover the previous tattoo she had for Peter Andre, she then decided to get another tattoo with 'Leo' and the date they met just above her left ankle, and it seems Leandro Penna has does the same thing...

Is it me or isn't it about time Katie was on Jeremy Kyle? I can see the caption now, 'This is my 4th, 5th or 6th commited relationship, but I love him!'

When Katie breaks up with Leo, will she get another flower to cover it. If she keeps this up then she will eventually turn into a rose garden; unfortunately the pretty rose won't cover the s**t that she decides to do! Katie is like a broken record which is getting very boring. If she wants to suprise me, I would love for her to actually stay out of the media.

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