Friday, 3 June 2011

Frankie Sandford still finding it hard to talk about Dougie!

Even though she is in a relationship with West Ham defender Wayne Bridge, Saturday singer Frankie Sandford still finds it difficult to talk about the break up with Mcfly bass player Dougie Poynter.

This break up was very public and resulted in Dougie going into rehab. 'I find it hard to talk about, to be honest...It's been a learning curve for both of us'. However that isn't the only thing Frankie has had to deal with, she has received death threats from loyal Mcfly fans who were upset by their split. But Franks seems to be dealing with it quite well. 'There's always going to be a good and a bad person in the press' she said 'it makes it more interesting'. These fans sound like they need to be put in straight jackets and put in a padded room.

If I'm honest, I think Frankie should pay less attention to Dougie and look out for John Terry as I'm sure he is paying close attention to their relationship.

She has been dealing with critics on Twitter a lot better than the Rooney's. Both Coleen and Wayne have both been in confrontations with followers. After a girl tweeted 'look how orange you are and how ugly your rich, cheating husband is' after Coleen posted a photo of the couple in a pub. She responded in a professional manner though with a kind reply which read, 'haha thanks for that laugh!!! Just seen your profile pic!! Are you feeling ok cause you face looks very pale to your body!!!#dog' This was a week after Rooney was entwined in an argument with a fellow tweeter where they both threatened to have a fight with each other.

Coleen doesn't really have much of a defence as the tweeter was right about Wayne, and here is why:

Rich - Wayne was offered a huge contract during the January transfer window to keep him at Old Trafford.
Ugly - Many jokes have been made about Rooney's looks. For example 'Poor Wayne Rooney must be ugly. Other footballers have girls begging to have sex with them. He still has to pay for it.'
Cheating - Its no secret that Wayne was found out about paying for sex with a prostitute whilst Coleen was pregnant with his child. What a lovely fella!

Of course Coleen is going to be defending Wayne. If she doesn't then she wouldn't be able to spend his £180,000 a week wage.

Anyways things seem to be going well for both couples, for now. Lets just hope those footballers don't play away.

Thanks for reading guys and gals x

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