Monday, 6 June 2011

Wayne Rooney's new hair!

Wayne Rooney has proudly shown his followers on Twitter his new head of hair. It appears the England striker was feeling conscious about the fact that he was going bald at 25, and even though he has been the joke of the dressing room at the United training ground, he has spent a whopping £12,000 on a hair transplant (Or £30,000 according to the Daily Mail).

Many have wondered why he has gone for the procedure? Because he is not blessed with great looks as it is, you would think that the money could be spent on something more worthwhile such as a charity...or castration (would think Coleen might of thought of that at one point).

Anyways I'm sure Rooney did this to boost his self-esteem and fair play to him! The only thing i wonder is, if he did spend £30k like the Daily Mail said. Why oh why did he not sort out the receding hairline?!

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