Sunday, 5 June 2011

What is going on with Cheryl Cole?

The latest news in the US X Factor world is that Cheryl Cole is due to retake her seat on the judging panel next to Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Simon Cowell, which means Nicole Scherzinger (If you struggle to pronounce her surname, just say Shirt-Singer, helps me) will no doubt be sent back to co-hosting the show with Steve Jones. I feel sorry for Nicole as she seems to be thrown about quite a bit by Mr Cowell.

Reports said she was going to go on the show to say goodbye, but it now appears that she could be getting her job back.

This sounds very similar to 2007 when Louis Walsh was sacked from the UK version to make way for younger blood. He was later given his role back months after, replacing Brian Friedman, but the way it happened was extremely similar to Cheryl's situation. It makes me think that this was all planned as it has created a lot of media attention towards the two shows, although I do not have any proof of that Simon! (Don't want a lawsuit on my hands) However, if it has been planned, I wonder if Louis and Cheryl knew what was/is going on.

Anyway, according to a source who spoke to the News of the World, 'key executives at Fox realised they have made a huge mistake. They have been watching the tapes of her and the American auditions and realising that she could be a huge star over there'. Clearly the Geordie accent is not as big a problem as first thought. Or maybe they have been taking Geordie language classes. Whatever happens though it seems that Cheryl will be concentrating on becoming a respected solo artist over in America, and is on a mission to make that happen.

As for Simon, I think he should start a new reality TV shows like 'The Hills' or 'The Only Way is Essex' as neither of them are real and he could make some great storylines.

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