Monday, 20 June 2011

Will Cheryl make a big mistake!

So I have heard that Ashley Cole has taken advantage of Cheryl Cole's bad fortune and has raced over to comfort during her tough time.

Since losing her place on both the UK and US X Factor, Cheryl has been in contact with her cheating ex boyfriend Ashley, and before he went to LA, they met up at their old house to play pool, had some drinks and have a chat. According to most media tabloids, they are on course to getting back together, even planning on having a holiday together.

What is going on with the WAGs?! We have heard many stories about some of our England football stars, and Ryan Giggs being caught offside, and each time the girlfriends and wives have come running back to them. Although we are yet to see what Stacey Giggs is going to do with the sex obsessed Welshman.

Now we know that WAG stands for 'Wives and Girlfriends', but I feel we need to change it to SWAG 'Some Women Are Gullable'! Are these footballers just being punished with suspensions rather than permanent bans? Has Ashley served a 9 month ban and is now cleared of all his sins? What kind of message are these women sending to girls who see them as role models? If he has lots of money then he can play away. Now those chav lads who go on Jeremy Kyle because they have cheated on their girlfriends have a defence, 'well you did say you would love to be treated like a footballers wife...'

Those WAGs have to decide whether they care more about their pride, or money. If they choose money then may I suggest to the lads a holiday to Thailand for the boys. I'm sure they would have a great time over there.

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