Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Rebecca Ferguson - Age gap is not a problem!

Rebecca Ferguson has been speaking to OK! magazine about her relationship with 17 year old Zayn Malik.

The X Factor runner up says the seven-year gap between the One Direction singer and herself is not a problem, 'Things are going well and I'm really happy...Where love's concerned, age shouldn't be an issue. You see so many couples who have big age-gaps and they're so happy, if it wasn't for the limelight, it wouldn't be an issue.'

Age gaps are not an issue, if anything its a plus. If they go to see a movie, Zayn can still get in as a child...Just can't watch 18's yet. Zayn now has someone to buy him alcohol, and when they go to supermarkets, they can park in the adult/child parking space!

When speaking to the Daily Mail, she spoke about how the teenager pursued her for months before she eventually gave in. 'He was after me for months, i was like "No, you're too young." But he really wooed me and it was a long, long struggle before anything happened.' That doesn't sound like a healthy way to get a girl. Reminds me of the film 'Notes on a Scandal'.

I'm sure the media will keep us up to date with their relationship, and for that i wish them luck. Just hope Zayn doesn't mind changing nappies, and Rebecca doesn't mind changing Zayn's nappies and hosting his sleep-overs.

Source Baby Zayn

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