Friday, 10 June 2011

Adele moans about having to pay the taxman!

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Singer Adele was named the 9th richest young music star in the Sunday Times Rich List after both of her albums 19 and 21 both reached the top spot in the album chart. She is estimated to be worth £6m but technically it is only £3m as she has to pay the taxman, which she is not happy about.

While talking to Q magazine she complained. 'I'm mortified to have to pay 50 per cent...Trains are late, state schools are s**t and i've got to give you 4 million quid - are you having a laugh!' She raises a valid point. With the amount of celebrities that live in the UK who are rich sods e.g. Lord Alan Sugar, Sir Paul McCartney and all the Dragons, you can imagine all that money they are having to pay the taxman. So where is all the money going? I'm guessing to Japan (2nd richest country in the world), Haiti, Africa, Australia etc. We need to sort out our own problems first before anyone else!

She has had a lot of critics have a go at her on Twitter since her comment. One Tweet said 'Poor Adele bemoans a 4 million tax bill, i would gladly swap her tax bill, you earn it you owe it' yeah right! I got paid today and I was pissed off that I have to pay him £200. I would put a bounty on his head if I had to pay 4 million!

My advice to Adele is, if you want to pay the taxman less money...Don't earn so much! Forget about cracking America, just worry about Great Britain. Do some gigs in pubs. My local is looking for a performer for New Years. Let me know if you are interested!

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