Monday, 13 June 2011

Katie has cured my writers block!

Just when I thought I was getting writers block, I read an article about Katie Price and I'm back!

Katie Price is in search for the new 'Jordan' and she has been talking to the Daily Star about her new reality show 'Discovered By Katie Price' who she is looking for. 'I'm looking for someone like me, someone determined to devote themselves to their modelling career'

Katie Tweeted this morning, 'London auditions at Westfield tomorrow from 9am', and according to the new judge 'I'm looking for model looks, a killer body, bags of ambition, a rock-solid personality, have-a-go attitude and a good sense of humour'...

I'm sorry but didn't she say that she was looking for someone like her! If that is true then she should of said. 'I'm looking for someone who constantly says in interviews 'I am who I am', someone who gets into a committed relationship, gets a tattoo for them, gets married, possibly has kids, then breaks up with the unlucky idiot.'

The lucky winner of the competition will join the ex model's new modelling agency 'Black Sheep Management' and will become the new Jordan...Doesn't sound much of a prize to me.

Source Jordan

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