Monday, 23 May 2011

Katie to sue for bad hair day!

Looks like Jordan A.K.A Katie Price is making a name for herself in the states and that name is 'PITA' (Pain In The Ass)

She is now threatening to sue a salon in Hollywood for $11,000 for leaving her with hair extensions which have snapped and fallen out. In December she flew to the states to see Lea Journo, one of the most in demand hair dresser in Hollywood. The treatment in which she had hair extensions put in, took 48 hours to do! But the reality TV star claims that after a period of 5 days, her hair was left ruined and resulted in her having to spend £45,000 trying to sort it out.

Maybe if she stopped treating her hair all the time, it would be able to recover itself. She is turning into the female version of Michael Jackson with the amount of botox and surgery she has, and it hasn't made her look any better, if anything, a personality change would help her more than anything cosmetic.

Source Is that Katie Price

Thankfully though the salon is not worried because they do not even know who she is. A source from the salon said 'She's like a Britain's answer to Pamela Anderson but not as pretty or successful right? It doesn't bother us and to be honest it's a relief! We handle the biggest stars in Hollywood. She's a nobody!' The salon also says that the hair was damaged by another hairdresser.

Either way Katie needs to get over it and give it a rest; and by 'it' i mean the hair on her head, because I bet you wouldn't be able to tell what is her hair and what is someone else's.

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