Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Giggs' wife seen without her wedding ring!

This story seems to be going on for as long as the John Terry, Wayne Bridge soap opera. But after the privacy injunction failed to hide the secret affair between Imogen Thomas and Ryan Giggs, the press seems to be all over it and it also appears that his wife has only recently found out. Stacey Giggs was spotted by photographers leaving her house, and it seems that she had forgotten to put on the huge diamond engagement ring along with her wedding band. (must of accidentally left it in the bin or down the drain)

With all the talk about the footballer keeping it a secret and how it was ruining Imogen's reputation (even though she was the one who he was having an affair with), we never thought about how the wife was handling it, or even if she knew about it. At least she will now know how bad playing off-side really is! The only plus side I can think of about this story is that even though Ryan has been living in Manchester for over 20 years, his mind recently has been thinking about those welsh valley's...

Imogen seems to be doing ok though, she recently took part in a high-profile ad campaign with Paddy Power, dressed in a Manchester United shirt after apparently being offered a six-figure sum to do it. According to Paddy Power, this photo shoot was taking place at the same time that Ryan's name was said in the House of Commons. Paddy Power has also made a special bet for the public. 7/1 odds that Giggs will score on Saturday.

Giggs joins the list of straying footballers. This is the team so far:

GK -
DL - Ashley Cole
DC - John Terry
DC - Rio Ferdinand
DR -
ML - Ryan Giggs
MC -
MC -
MR - Rhodri Giggs
ST - Wayne Rooney
ST - Peter Crouch

Manager - Sven Goran Eriksson

Its starting to look like a pretty decent football team. I'm sure Giggs won't be the last player in this situation so I will probably have to keep updating this post every now and then. We could create a GB team for the Olympics. It would help that these guys are now used to playing away!

Thanks for reading guys and gals x

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