Sunday, 29 May 2011

Kerry Katona is in her own little world!

Kerry Katona has spoken out about Chantelle Houghton's love life.

Chantelle has been spotted on a few dates with Alex Reid just weeks after she broke up with Crimewatch presenter Rav Wilding. 'I don't know her well but I think she's a bit messed up' Kerry said. 'Both Alex and Chantelle were in Big Brother and when you have that kind of fame, you chase it a bit' That is pretty hypocritical considering she attempted to become a contestant but was rejected because she failed the required psychological test!

The term 'pot calling the kettle black' comes to mind Kerry. Although I do agree with what she is saying, I think she is the wrong person to be judging other celebrities on their private life, especially with her history.

Kerry has been married twice, having two children with each men. In 2008 she was declared bankrupt at the High Court and after losing her Iceland contract, magazine column and MTV show, she went further into debt resulting in her £1.5m home being repossessed.

Her history of drug and alcohol abuse has made regular appearances in newspapers, the most memorable was when she was on 'ThisMorning' where her speech was slurred which resulted in her well-being being questioned. She eventually admitted in 2010 that she was taking cocaine during her second marriage.

Source Kerry on 'prescription drugs'

Although her opinion of Chantelle is right, I think she is the wrong person to be making the opinion. She needs to look at her own history and then decide if she should bite her tongue of not the next time she decides to judge someone!

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