Friday, 20 May 2011

BGT successful acts axed even before the next round!

Source BGT Judges

Looks like the judges have been greedy when is comes to letting acts through to the next round. Their open door policy has kicked them in the backside and it has resulted in producers having to take control and axe acts who until today, thought they were through to the next round. Acts such as Hot Potato Theatre felt used, that they were axed before they has a chance to impress a second time around.

Source Hot Potato

Lizzie Delves explains how excited they were that they got through that they started on a new routine straight away. Not being funny but their first routine wasn't very good anyway. 'Then we got a call saying 'Thanks but not thanks' It was frustrating but they showed us getting put through last Saturday, so viewers will think they'll see us again. Its unfair, we feel used'

A spokeswoman for ITV says '...All contestants are informed that they may not make it through to this stage and that footage from their audition may still be used.'

The problem with BGT is the judges! Since Simon and Piers left, neither of the replacements have stood their ground and have been bullied by the crowd which represent the general public, who kept Wagner and Jedward in the X Factor final for so long...(i realise i keep going on about it but i need to know why they did it!)

The most memorable moment in this years talent show is when the judges said no to The Highwaymen when everyone else thought they had talent. After receiving boos and jeers from the crowd and being questioned by Ant and Dec, rather than standing their ground, the give in and change their no to a yes! Now I'm glad The Highwaymen went through as they were great! But what I didn't like was how easily the judges gave in! They remind me of the Coalition!

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