Friday, 20 May 2011

Alex Reid snubbed by Robert De Niro!

Source Alex Reid

One of the things that grind my gears are egotistical people who think they are better then they actually are.

Alex Reid, known mainly for his failed marriage with Katie Price aka Jordan has had the most mundain celebrity life but he still thinks he is high profile enough to approach the 'Raging Bull' Robert De Niro, and start chatting to him like they are best buds.

De Niro was having a drink with fellow actor Sean Penn and actress Kirsten Dunst when the Hampshire born cage fighter decided it was ok to walk over and chat to the stars about method acting!

Now i'm surprised that the hollywood actors do not know who he is. Do they not remember him in 'Hollyoaks' as Jason Cunliffe. Or as Tom Hank's stand in in 'Saving Private Ryan'. Or how about when he was an extra on 'Sliding Doors'. Maybe they would know him from Celebrity Big Brother 2010 when people who were celebrities, entered the house to try and re-inite their career. He ended up winning the programme and since then has been seen stumbling out of clubs with different Z list celebrities.

Thankfully De Niro waved him on, resulting in the staff asking Mr Reid to leave the actual stars in peace. A source commented that 'Alex clearly knows no shame and toddled over to introduce himself...He looked genuinely shocked when they waved him away.' Yeah maybe because they thought he was some crazy stalker fan. I hope he didn't walk up to them like this!

Maybe Alex needs to stick to his own list in celebrities like Jedward or Sooty and Sweap (although that is being harsh to Sooty and Sweap as they had a career)

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  1. Learn to spell if you want to be a critic.

    1. If you want to be taken seriously, don't call yourself Father Christmas!


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