Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pippa's fame... Good or Bad?

Ever since the Royal Wedding, the public and the media have been obsessed with Kate Middleton's sister Pippa. The media have been searching across the land to find saucy pictures, stories from ex's and following her wherever she goes. Is this raising her profile, or is it unnecessary harassment against someone who hasn't or done anything to be in the public eye apart from look good in a dress.

Even before the wedding day the Daily Mail was attacking her character labelling her as a 'passably attractive art graduate from a second tier university' Whats wrong with that?! Not everyone can afford to go to Oxford or Cambridge. Catherine Ostler (Writer of the article) needs to pick on someone else, or at least get a job on Heat Magazine. Or maybe let her continue but allow us to critise her. An example of this is a picture I have seen of her with huge bags under her eyes, and more rinkles than a Shar Peis dog; and that was a professional photograph, so imagine what she would look like without the make-up etc put on her before the photo was taken. The term 'Pot calling the kettle black' comes to mind.

On the plus side, once the wedding was over, heaps of praise was pilled on Kate for the way she dealt with being maid of honor. She was dressed in the gorgeous Sarah Burton dress that hugged her figure perfectly and awarded her with 200,000 fans of her bum.

The Telegraph quoted that 'Miss Middleton fulfilled her maid of honor duties with aplomb, calmly shepherding the tiny bridesmaids into the Abbey before returning to arrange her sister's train.'

So is it a good or bad thing that Pippa is so popular right now? Mariella Frostrup of the Observer says that it can't be bad. 'People you don't know sends you gifts and invites you to parties. Resturants miraculously find you tables at the last minute.' But is that worth getting stripped of your dignity. Newspaper find it acceptable to print pictures of celebrities topless for the titillation of pervy men. I read an article that she was offered $5m to pose nude by a leading porn industry!

What I think we should do is start taking pictures of paparazzi when they are on their holidays and put them on a website. From what I have seen on news programmes. A lot of photographers harassing celebs are in no way size zeros so I wonder how they would feel if we showed their barrols they call bellies to the whole world.

I hope the attention Pippa is recieving dies down so she can live her life a bit better. The difference between her and her sister is wherever Kate goes, she is surrounded by guards and police to protect her from this kind of trouble. Maybe something the royals might want to think about. Or she could marry Harry...

Thanks for reading guys and gals x

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