Monday, 30 May 2011

Do the BGT judges know what talent is?!

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I've been watching Britain's Got Talent (BGT), the episode where the acts are told if they have a place in the live semi-final or not, and I have to say, some of their choices have really confused me.

One of the main issues I have with BGT is that they allow singers to audition when Simon already has a talent show for that known as the X Factor. The Variety show is the perfect place to show people a unique performance, singing is too normal.

Now 40 acts have made it to the live semi-finals, but the judges seemed to be on something when they sent through at least three acts:

Pip and Puppy

Bar worker Pip along with her dog auditioned through the Youtube auditioning process and performed their act in front of the judges in Birmingham. This is one of the stupidest act I have seen this year, but according to the judges, its great! Their act involves Pip singing Pie Jesu and puppy 'singing' with her. I can't help but question this act! How do we know that the dog is singing with her? To me it just sounds like it is howling, maybe it can't stand Pip singing that song to her. If so, isn't it classed as animal cruelty! Also what happens when they perform during the live show. Does the dog sing any other songs, or will we have to endure another Pie Jesu with an annoying dog. It reminds me of when I went to a wedding and had to listen to babies and children crying and screaming all through the ceremony. Not really what I call entertainment!

Antonio Popeye

This man does one thing...he makes his eyes pop out of their sockets! That is it! He can do the left eye, or the right eye, or both eyes. So now we have seen that, what else is he going to be able to do, unless he can actually make them hang out of his face like the comedy glasses you can buy. No point in sending him through! Waste of a place!

Mexican Mayhem

It is a well-known fact that Simon Cowell is a huge fan of acts involving dogs. But when Melanie brought her two dogs along with her, she was hoping to re-create the extremely popular act 'Kate and Gin'. What actually happened was her dog act became a comedy act as she had no control over them. One chihuahuas went off and did her own thing, and the other one thought that this was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep. Now I must admit I found it funny, but one of the questions the judges have to ask themselves is what would she be able to next time which will have the crowd in stitches once again. Because we know what is going to happen next time, is it going to have the same affect? I think we are going to be disapointed.

I hope these acts proves me wrong, but I really doubt that they will. Might have to change the channel when it is their turn.

Thanks for reading guys and gals x

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