Friday, 27 May 2011

Cheryl Cole not happy about being axed!

Cheryl Cole has expressed her disappointment at being shown the door after Simon Cowell admitted 'it wasn't working'.

Cheryl is seething because Simon didn't even go to see her face to face to talk to her, although he is convinced that her warned her a few days ago that the production team were concerned about her performance on screen. I don't see how its any different to being on the UK version. All she has to do is sit behind a table with the other judges and give her opinion on singers, or people who think they can sing. The excuse that there was an accent problem is said to be rubbish as screen tests have been done and everything was fine.

Although Simon has tried to dig himself out of the hole by saying he was under so much pressure to release her. Will I Am has confirmed that Cheryl being sacked has made a huge dent in her plans to break into America, especially as he had organised duets with Rihanna and Usher. 'No-one knows who she is in the US. X Factor was supposed to have sorted that out. It really couldn't of played out any worse.'

On the plus side though it seems that a contract is waiting for her to sign to re-join the UK X Factor and take her seat alongside Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland, which means Tulisa will have to make way....Oh well.

Cheryl's mum has made it clear to everyone that she hasn't failed, the blame is on someone else's doorstep. Its good to see that she has the support of JLS. 'She will be welcomed home with open arms, and everyone wants to see her return to the show. It would be amazing!'

There seems to be a mixed reaction to the thought of Cheryl returning to the show as some people feel that she had abandoned them. According to some pole that was taken, 62% of people would prefer her not to go back. Now i never really pay much attention to celebrity poles, mainly because the only people who do them are people who feel hard done by for some reason. People who realise that it doesn't actually affect their lives choose to get on with what they are doing and not participate in them.

I think it was understandable that Cheryl was released by the US show. If the viewers were not gelling properly with her and it was affecting the ratings, they have to do the right thing to save the show. Its a good thing that she is coming back to the UK show though. Her experience with going through these kind of competitions are vital and it will make the judging panel even stronger.

Glad to have you back Cheryl, thanks for reading guys and gals x

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  1. Americans have trouble understanding Canadians, so I don't find it hard to believe they would have trouble understanding Cheryl. Cheryl, you're beautiful. If you wanna break into the US they WILL notice you.


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