Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Take Me Out Twins Blames Show

Source from TV Diaries

I was reading an article in The Sun today that the twins from the ITV show 'Take Me Out' are blaming the producers for not getting them a date.

For those who do not know, Take Me Out involves 30 women looking for a date, and each episode, 4 guys come out and if the women like him they keep their light on, however, 'no likey, no lighty!' and then at the end the bloke chooses the girl he wants to go on a date with. The best bit about this programme is the host, funny man Paddy McGuinness.

Now for the 14 weeks that the girls were on the show for, neither of them were able to get a date, and instead of saying 'oh well, plenty more fish in the see', they have decided to blame the producers for making them seem stupid by editing the programme to portray them in a certain way to ensure they didn't get a date.

In their interview Cat added that they were edited to look like unintellegent fools.

My view on this does not involve any sympothy i'm afraid, and here are my reasons why.
  1. Even if the producers edited the girls to seem ditzy or stupid, they wouldn't of been able to stop the blokes from hearing what they said so that wouldn't of affected their decision.
  2. If a bloke turned one of the twins light off then they would of had to of turned the other light off because they don't know the twins well enough to choose between them.
  3. If a guy did choose one of them. This would make the other one jelous. And imagine if the couple hit it off, it would be so awkward. Eventually he would meet the family and while having a Sunday roast he would be asked 'so what made you choose Cat?'
    1. I really like her smile - Sam has the exact same smile!
    2. and her eyes - same eyes!
    3. and her dress sense - they wore the same thing!
Unfortunately in my opinion the girls were going to find it hard to get a date on that programme, but never fear girls, from looking at the lives of the cheeky girls, you have a big chance of dating MP Lembit Opik. But they do seem angry, perhaps we may see another version of the 'Kray Twins'!

Thanks for reading guys

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Khloe Kardashian talks about her new 'reality' TV show

On the MSN homepage i was reading an article about 'Khloe Kardashian's domestic skills on new reality show' and the only thing i could think about was how cheeky they are to say that their shows are reality!

The Kardashian sisters are known for their programme 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' which shows their chaotic lives together, which pretty much just involves arguments between eachother but always ends in them making up (thank god!)

Now if this was shown as a Drama then i could just ignore it and carry on with my life, but because they class it as a Reality show, everytime they act as though it is genuine i just want to throw something at the TV. By watching the programme you can tell that it is staged. By listening to their conversations it is clear that a storyline has been put in place for this episode. The director has given them a scene to act out with a subject in mind, and the girls have to improvise to make it seem realistic. Also the fact that they wake up with perfect mascara and foundation on their face proves that this has been staged! (I know this because DaisyLoves told me)

Now i'm not saying reality TV is amazing, far from it actually. Evidence of this is Katie Price's new show losing one million viewers. Although this is a huge number to drop by, the reason is because one scene involves Katie going to the dentist! This isn't great TV, it is something that happens in real life; therefore even though i am not a fan the woman, i applaud Katie for putting that on her show because at least it is genuine...crap though!

Guys if you want to see genuine entertaining reality TV, then unfortunately you are too late as Big Brother stopped in 2010. May i recommend 'The Walking Dead' because although this isn't reality TV, its bloody good viewing and isn't that the point of watching TV, to watch something really entertaining rather than looking at other peoples depressing lives.

Rant over guys, see you soon

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cher Lloyd becomes a Diva

It appears that Cher Lloyd, known for her hip hop style performances on the UK X Factor has found her Diva side by making ludacris backstage demands.

These include:
  • A masseuse on hand at all times
  • Sausages to be delivered by hand to her dressing room door
  • A chill out area with specific sofas, pillows and blankets
Now you can't blame her for making these demands. I mean she came forth in the X Factor final, which is one away from a medal, and also found herself in the sing off twice so she clearly she is a fan favourite. Unlike Leona Lewis who not only won the show but was never in the sing off!

Now i know she is still young and has a lot of maturing to do. I just hope it happens soon, and if not, at least find some better demands such as:
  • only spring water from the Himalayas to flush her toilet with.
  • her hotel sheets must be Egyptian cotton with a thread count of at least 250. (Jennifer Lopez)
  • bring a chimpanzee on the road with her to keep her company (Macy Gray)
  • all posters of her pop rivals be taken down - especially those of Christina Aguilera. (Mariah Carey)
Now i have had my little rant i am off for my bath. I have asked for it to be filled with goats milk whilst 2pac's California Love is being played in the background and i have my purple skittles!
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jordan prepared to marry '40 times!' My God!

Now i realise in my first blog i said i would probably write about Katie Price A.K.A Jordan again in the future, i did not expect it to be this soon.

During an interview with Richard Bacon with which she was there to plug her new reality show. She told the presenter: "It could take me nine times, 20 times, until I find the right one - or 40 actually. I'm not put off marriage."

Now i know i am only in my 20's but! i'm in a long term relationship with a fantastic woman that i have been with for 8 years and during this time we have only been engaged for one of those years. I think this is either for two reasons. 1. We haven't had a slice of fame nor fortune therefore we do not need to say or do stupid stuff to keep the attention on us. OR 2. We have gotten to know eachother inside out and supported eachother until we were in a position where we knew it was time to progress. I guess it shows that you can have happiness without lots and lots of money.

I hope Katie finds the love of her life, and you never know it may be her new 'love' model Leandro Penna. However occording to 'Heatworld' he is already planning to leave Jordan to go back to Argentina claiming that he is only with her to help boost his career in the UK.

Oh well Katie, there are still 30 odd more fish in the sea.

Ciao x

Charlie Sheen celebrates his good news the only way he knows how!

Charlie Sheen seems to be celebrating the restraining order on his twin boys being dropped the only way he knows how.

On Monday nights Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Two and a Half Men star made a surprise appearance during an interview with entrepreneur Mark Cuban, and showed his delight by placing a wet kiss on the TV hosts lips.

Charlie's ex-wife Brooke Mueller took action on the actor stripping him of custody of their sons on 1st March after he made death threats against her in one of his live streams. Since then Brooke has chosen not to extend the restaining order after both parties passed both their drugs test which was part of their custody agreement. This was obviously very good news for Mr Sheen who needed to express his happiness to the world.

After the shock of Charlie's intrusion, Jimmy Kimmel acting in his usual laid back attitude responded by asking the actor 'How are you, are you getting enough sleep?' to which Charlie replied 'Yes your lips are very moist,'

Looking at the clip i can't help but think, if you are going to celebrate getting joint custody of your children back, interrupting an interview just to give away merchandise to the audience doesn't really make sense...however this is Charlie Sheen's mind we are talking about so in a way i kind of does make sense. I wouldn't of been surprised if he came out onto the show riding Angus T.Jones with Jon Cryer crawling behind him.
As for the kids, all i can say is good luck to them. On the plus side their father is drug free...just a shame about his mental state; because to me, he looks like he is one hooker short of an orgy.

Get well soon Charlie

3.5/5 for entertainment value

Monday, 21 March 2011

Katy Perry gets booed after offering to sing a Bieber song

Well it looks like my faith in humanity has been rewarded.

During a performance in London's Hammersmith Apollo, Katy Perry wife of Russell Brand, thought it would be cool to treat her audience to a song 'Baby' originally sung by Justin Bieber. According to the Mirror, the fans made it clear with boos that they didn't fancy hearing a tribute to the 17 year old. If anything it was the last thing they wanted.

Shocked by this Katy attempted to defend JB by announcing to the crowd "Justin is mine and Russell’s adopted son. We love him dearly. Don’t boo him, guys. Come on.”

It seems not everyone is loving the Bieber Fever. If anything i feel its something we need to be concerned about. During a night out at my local pub a Bieber song came on, which was the exact time I started feeling ill! I remember as it was just after I had had my 7th Jagerbomb. The song came on and I suddenly felt very sick, and had to spend some time in the mens toilet. CHEERS BIEBER!

Anyways its good to see that the general public has finally done something right. I still haven't forgiving them though for allowing Jedward and Wagner to stay in X-Factor as long as they did; but it is something I am going to have to learn to accept.

If you feel the same way please place a comment so I know I am not alone in this

Cheers Guys and Gals

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jordan's new 'love'

So i never thought i would say this but it appears that Katie Price, also known as Jordan has found new love since her split with Alex Reid.

The 33 year old model/author/reality TV expert tweeted that Spanish model Leandro Penna is 'a real sweetheart, i love him'. Now i'm not too sure if Katie knows what love is anymore. Her history of relationship seems a lot like celebrity speed dating with a check list. She has been with a footballer, two 'singers', a cage fighter and now a model. Maybe next week she will be with Lembit Opik (Politian check) or even Gillian McKeith just to keep the media interested.

Now don't me wrong i have a lot of respect for her as a business woman. Its just her love life is letting her down and i along with a lot of people are fed up with seeing headlines saying 'The Real Story' But do not fear Jordan as i have an idea for you that will save you from you bad luck with men. Its called a Tamgotchi! It would be perfect, i had one as a child. It was a baby and you looked after it, played with it, and then after 3 years, it goes away and you start again with a new one.

Anyway i have a feeling that this will not be the last time i talk about Jordan, but you never know, she may prove me wrong. But until then i would like to let her know that she can buy Tamagotchis for about £10 on many shopping websites.

Thanks for reading guys and gals, see you soon
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