Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Charlie Sheen celebrates his good news the only way he knows how!

Charlie Sheen seems to be celebrating the restraining order on his twin boys being dropped the only way he knows how.

On Monday nights Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Two and a Half Men star made a surprise appearance during an interview with entrepreneur Mark Cuban, and showed his delight by placing a wet kiss on the TV hosts lips.

Charlie's ex-wife Brooke Mueller took action on the actor stripping him of custody of their sons on 1st March after he made death threats against her in one of his live streams. Since then Brooke has chosen not to extend the restaining order after both parties passed both their drugs test which was part of their custody agreement. This was obviously very good news for Mr Sheen who needed to express his happiness to the world.

After the shock of Charlie's intrusion, Jimmy Kimmel acting in his usual laid back attitude responded by asking the actor 'How are you, are you getting enough sleep?' to which Charlie replied 'Yes your lips are very moist,'

Looking at the clip i can't help but think, if you are going to celebrate getting joint custody of your children back, interrupting an interview just to give away merchandise to the audience doesn't really make sense...however this is Charlie Sheen's mind we are talking about so in a way i kind of does make sense. I wouldn't of been surprised if he came out onto the show riding Angus T.Jones with Jon Cryer crawling behind him.
As for the kids, all i can say is good luck to them. On the plus side their father is drug free...just a shame about his mental state; because to me, he looks like he is one hooker short of an orgy.

Get well soon Charlie

3.5/5 for entertainment value

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