Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jordan's new 'love'

So i never thought i would say this but it appears that Katie Price, also known as Jordan has found new love since her split with Alex Reid.

The 33 year old model/author/reality TV expert tweeted that Spanish model Leandro Penna is 'a real sweetheart, i love him'. Now i'm not too sure if Katie knows what love is anymore. Her history of relationship seems a lot like celebrity speed dating with a check list. She has been with a footballer, two 'singers', a cage fighter and now a model. Maybe next week she will be with Lembit Opik (Politian check) or even Gillian McKeith just to keep the media interested.

Now don't me wrong i have a lot of respect for her as a business woman. Its just her love life is letting her down and i along with a lot of people are fed up with seeing headlines saying 'The Real Story' But do not fear Jordan as i have an idea for you that will save you from you bad luck with men. Its called a Tamgotchi! It would be perfect, i had one as a child. It was a baby and you looked after it, played with it, and then after 3 years, it goes away and you start again with a new one.

Anyway i have a feeling that this will not be the last time i talk about Jordan, but you never know, she may prove me wrong. But until then i would like to let her know that she can buy Tamagotchis for about £10 on many shopping websites.

Thanks for reading guys and gals, see you soon

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