Monday, 21 March 2011

Katy Perry gets booed after offering to sing a Bieber song

Well it looks like my faith in humanity has been rewarded.

During a performance in London's Hammersmith Apollo, Katy Perry wife of Russell Brand, thought it would be cool to treat her audience to a song 'Baby' originally sung by Justin Bieber. According to the Mirror, the fans made it clear with boos that they didn't fancy hearing a tribute to the 17 year old. If anything it was the last thing they wanted.

Shocked by this Katy attempted to defend JB by announcing to the crowd "Justin is mine and Russell’s adopted son. We love him dearly. Don’t boo him, guys. Come on.”

It seems not everyone is loving the Bieber Fever. If anything i feel its something we need to be concerned about. During a night out at my local pub a Bieber song came on, which was the exact time I started feeling ill! I remember as it was just after I had had my 7th Jagerbomb. The song came on and I suddenly felt very sick, and had to spend some time in the mens toilet. CHEERS BIEBER!

Anyways its good to see that the general public has finally done something right. I still haven't forgiving them though for allowing Jedward and Wagner to stay in X-Factor as long as they did; but it is something I am going to have to learn to accept.

If you feel the same way please place a comment so I know I am not alone in this

Cheers Guys and Gals

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