Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jordan prepared to marry '40 times!' My God!

Now i realise in my first blog i said i would probably write about Katie Price A.K.A Jordan again in the future, i did not expect it to be this soon.

During an interview with Richard Bacon with which she was there to plug her new reality show. She told the presenter: "It could take me nine times, 20 times, until I find the right one - or 40 actually. I'm not put off marriage."

Now i know i am only in my 20's but! i'm in a long term relationship with a fantastic woman that i have been with for 8 years and during this time we have only been engaged for one of those years. I think this is either for two reasons. 1. We haven't had a slice of fame nor fortune therefore we do not need to say or do stupid stuff to keep the attention on us. OR 2. We have gotten to know eachother inside out and supported eachother until we were in a position where we knew it was time to progress. I guess it shows that you can have happiness without lots and lots of money.

I hope Katie finds the love of her life, and you never know it may be her new 'love' model Leandro Penna. However occording to 'Heatworld' he is already planning to leave Jordan to go back to Argentina claiming that he is only with her to help boost his career in the UK.

Oh well Katie, there are still 30 odd more fish in the sea.

Ciao x

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