Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Take Me Out Twins Blames Show

Source from TV Diaries

I was reading an article in The Sun today that the twins from the ITV show 'Take Me Out' are blaming the producers for not getting them a date.

For those who do not know, Take Me Out involves 30 women looking for a date, and each episode, 4 guys come out and if the women like him they keep their light on, however, 'no likey, no lighty!' and then at the end the bloke chooses the girl he wants to go on a date with. The best bit about this programme is the host, funny man Paddy McGuinness.

Now for the 14 weeks that the girls were on the show for, neither of them were able to get a date, and instead of saying 'oh well, plenty more fish in the see', they have decided to blame the producers for making them seem stupid by editing the programme to portray them in a certain way to ensure they didn't get a date.

In their interview Cat added that they were edited to look like unintellegent fools.

My view on this does not involve any sympothy i'm afraid, and here are my reasons why.
  1. Even if the producers edited the girls to seem ditzy or stupid, they wouldn't of been able to stop the blokes from hearing what they said so that wouldn't of affected their decision.
  2. If a bloke turned one of the twins light off then they would of had to of turned the other light off because they don't know the twins well enough to choose between them.
  3. If a guy did choose one of them. This would make the other one jelous. And imagine if the couple hit it off, it would be so awkward. Eventually he would meet the family and while having a Sunday roast he would be asked 'so what made you choose Cat?'
    1. I really like her smile - Sam has the exact same smile!
    2. and her eyes - same eyes!
    3. and her dress sense - they wore the same thing!
Unfortunately in my opinion the girls were going to find it hard to get a date on that programme, but never fear girls, from looking at the lives of the cheeky girls, you have a big chance of dating MP Lembit Opik. But they do seem angry, perhaps we may see another version of the 'Kray Twins'!

Thanks for reading guys

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