Monday, 6 June 2011

Gary Barlow possibly the greatest judge ever!

Gary Barlow has been told to tone down his criticism of auditions as someone has threatened to commit suicide.

The 40 year old Take That singer has recently taken a seat as one of the latest X Factor UK judge along with Kelly Rowland, Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos. But it seems that he is even worse than Simon Cowell. 'It's like Gary's evil twin turned up to judge! He's making Simon look like Mary Poppins'
I'm glad that he has started off this way! I was worried that we would have a judging panel like Britain's Got Talent where they let anyone through to the live finals and therefore make the show an utter disappointment! The whole point in judging is to let the person know if they are good enough, and if not, why.

'When he told Pebbles she looked like a man at her Birmingham audition, you could of heard a pin drop. She was mortified and immediately complained...There has been several complaints over Gary's dressing-downs. One contestant said they felt like killing themselves after coming off stage. Gary has been asked to tone it down by contestants.'

Granted I wouldn't of pictured Gary being that kind of judge, but himself and Kelly are the only judges that I will be listening to on that show as they have something in their trophy cabinet which gives them the right to voice their opinion.

If this carries on then the ratings are going to be brilliant for Mr Cowell!

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