Monday, 6 June 2011

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has a new nose!

After abusing her nose for years with cocaine, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has had surgery to reconstruct a new septum using the cartilage from one of her ribs.

'Tara is over the moon about her new nose' a friend told the Mail on Sunday. 'She plans to stay at home for the next fortnight just to make sure she doesn't damage it, but she is so happy.' Might want to take away her phone then so she doesn't contact anybody to test out her new nose...

Source Tara

Tara has been clean for years, but is this because she hasn't had a proper working nose? Tara admitted that the colapse of her nose was down to her having a £400-a-day coke habit. In 2006 she had major reconstructive surgery using cartilage from her ear. But it wasn't strong enough and her nose colapsed again. May i recommend not sniffing so hard!

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