Friday, 17 June 2011

Giggs cheats on wife again...But which one?

The Giggs' saga continues with the announcement that Rhodri, brother of Manchester United star Ryan Giggs, has also been playing away.

 Source Rhodri Giggs

Danielle Healy has come forward to brand the young brother a 'hypocrite' by claiming that he slept with her four months ago. When speaking to the Sun she said 'I think Rhodri has got a lot of balls trying to play the victim in all this...I might not have had an eight-year affair with him but what we did was still wrong. He was a married man with children when he had sex with me. He wasn't exactly being the family man the night we got it together.'

The business administrator said she met the younger brother of the two at a pub in Manchester in February. She noticed he had rings on both hands including his wedding fingers. When he was asked if the ring was his wedding ring, he replied, 'That's my wedding ring' then he pointed to his right hand 'That's my divorce ring'.

They spent half an hour in the bedroom, (which i think is the reason why Ryan was the more successful brother, as he was able to last for 90 minutes), then they re-joined the party.

This story seems to be a lot better than the Terrygate scandal, and I think ITV and C4 needs to get on the phone and invite them onto their TV programmes. ITV could invite them onto Jeremy Kyle! They could go on after Katie Price. Channel 4 could invite them all onto 'Come Dine With Me' After they have a slap up meal, they could put their keys into a bowl and see who they get to spend the night with. Or they could do 'Celebrity Wife Swap'! I think they would be guaranteed a place on Coronation Street! What a brilliant storyline. Imogen who sleeps with Ryan, who also sleeps with Natasha, who is married to Rhodri who sleeps with Danielle, its perfect!

 Source The Outsider

Unfortunately for Rhodri, that one night has cost him his marriage with Natasha as she can't be with him anymore! Before she wanted to fight to save their marriage, but now she cannot trust him, its over! Clearly the 8 year affair is completely different and doesn't count... 'Pot calling the kettle black' comes to mind!'

I feel sorry for Imogen. With the latest stories, she has faded out of the lime-light! I recommend she contacts Wayne and Coleen Rooney and see if they want to have a night out, see what happens...

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