Friday, 24 June 2011

Louis Walsh searching for some lucky charms!

According to the Sun. A 24 year old single dad has claimed that Louis Walsh, judge on the UK version of The X Factor molested the man in a nightclub toilet.

Apparently it all happened in the Krystle Nightclub after a Westlife gig. They had met up in the Global Bar in the Russell Court Hotel, had some drinks, before making their way to the nightclub.

Maybe the bloke wanted to get to the finals of the X Factor?! I was thinking that must of been the only way that Wagner and Jedward got through. 'You can go through if you grab my lucky charms!'

According to the Daily Mail, staff at the club are well aware of who this man is and have described him as a 'celebrity chaser'. Police have decided not to charge the judge as they do not have any credence to the alleged victim. The man also changed his story a number of times, first saying that he was groped on the dancefloor, then maintaining Louis grabbed his genitals in the toilets. I was thinking if he wanted to make himself famous, why hasn't he tracked down Kerry Katona or Katie Price. Kerry has recently broken up with her fella, and Katie wants another child so what is he waiting for!

Louis has told the papers that he is fighting this accusation and is preparing to hire top lawyers to sue the Sun for printing the article. He is quoted as saying 'Anyone who knows me knows this is a pack of lies...I'm keeping my head up, and staying proud.'

Simon is said to be showing his support... I guess he has to as if Louis was sacked from X Factor, then there would be a brand new judging panel, and we wouldn't see any crap singers go through to the live finals! SIMON SACK HIM!!!

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